Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good news and bad news

Well, the good news is this: my work schedule has been adjusted so that I work fewer days of the week, but actually get more hours, so money is going to be less of an issue.

The bad news is that, starting next week, I'm working during the day. Which might create some problems with the, er, continuity of daily streaming.

I'm currently trying to figure out if I want to stream at night or what. The good part of the bad news is that I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off, which means I'll be able to stream on those days without trouble, and I'll probably turn Tuesday into a long stream day. I'll let you know more details as they develop, but for now, my next stream is scheduled for Tuesday, not Monday.

Just a heads up. I am still going to be working on the game, so don't worry about that.


  1. Sounds like there's no real issue then, I can't imagine anyone reasonably complaining about this. Hopefully you like your new schedule.

  2. gotta agree with Anon above, you've done better then most I've seen, and people shouldn't really mind, but just do what cha can do figure it out as ya go

  3. Streams at night are better anyways, I never see your streams normally.

  4. Bug- revealing underwear is not wearable. It can be purchased, and goes to the top drawer in the bedroom, but when clicking on it the only option is 'examine'

  5. @AM & anon above
    Same goes for constricting (right name? Maybe it was restricting) underwear. Buyable, but not wear-able. Bug?

  6. How do you go about getting constricting/restricting underwear?

  7. I gotta be "cursed" (oh, bad pun...), why do the game not work on my new computer? Each time, whatever the version, I end up having a "rag game unreadable" or something.

  8. when downloading the game be sure to "save game" to your document.

  9. Slight bug with nursing bra for stripper job branch.
    Player - Strip
    You take off all of your clothes, stripping naked.
    You take off the short stripper heels.
    You cannot remove a white gown. You need to remove a nursing bra first.
    locker - Get Dressed
    You cannot wear the slutty secretary outfit. You will need to remove a white gown first.

  10. Minor problem with sandals. Seems like all three sandals aren't recognized by the automatic shoe system. I put on any of the sandals and they are worn but when I go out the door, the last pair of shoes I wore are automatically put on as well. Neither are removable until the other is removed. The older shoes are automatically removed when walking in to the apartment as usual and then the sandals can be manually removed, though they are not automatically removed and can be worn in any room in the apartment.

  11. a weird bug the weight loss powder has no description and actually makes you gain weight

    the weight gain powder works fine though

  12. Joe, I dunno about the description, but weight loss powder is intended to make you gain weight.

    "You ever heard of a weight loss powder that worked?!" - AnonymousMan

  13. Got a bug with the ES piercings:
    You are able to use the "wear" command directly int the shop without even have your nipples/clitoris pierced and even without buying it :P