Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update 11/15


Major Updates
- Kind of a bug fix, but it's major enough to me: clothing system changed so that I don't have to rely on layered wear, which seems to be broken. So you can no longer wear all of your clothes at once.
- New trait: Nearsighted. Results from wearing glasses and contacts too much. Currently doesn't deliver on the promised penalties, but that's because I forgot that I haven't figured out how to implement that yet. Shouldn't be difficult, just have to parse it.
- New trait: Nylon Fetish. Gives you a bonus if you're wearing nylons or sheer nylons (not implemented) and increases your arousal outside your apartment if you're not wearing them (implemented).

Minor Updates
- The Nudist, Nearsighted, and Nylon Fetish all show up on the Sex Traits and Normal Traits sections of the status.
- Added in the socks, stockings and nylons.
- New items: glasses, and colored contacts.
- You can now change your eye color (currently an instantaneous change, will eventually happen overnight).

Bug Fixes
- As mentioned above, you should no longer be able to wear multiple similar clothing items at the same time. This goes for everything except jewelry (it was too mind numbing to continue).
- Sandals, strappy sandals, strappy heels are now properly checked when you use the Strip Naked command.
- The nursing bra is now properly affected by the Strip Naked command.
- Disabled the "Wear" command on certain items until you buy them.

Known Bugs
- Lactation "accidents" still seem to happen, even if you're wearing the nursing bra.
- You can wear all your jewelry at once.

And in case you are wondering, yes, I have heard your pleas. Thursday's stream will be, after bug fixes, dedicated to either advancing the story, or one of the jobs.


  1. Story! pretty please with sugar and caramel on top!

  2. when I wear the stockings the knee high socks get moved into my inventory instead

  3. relationships... maybe?

  4. Sigh, read the things never to be in Cursed, saw that it includes rape. I'm not even going to go into the reasoning. Not my place.

    However, I will ask, how about black mail? Could that be an acceptable alternative? Just any situation that you are not in control of. Kind of like the premise of this game.

  5. either and thank you thank you thank you

  6. Is there anychance the normal pregnancy will be finished??

  7. More job/story, hoorah! Loving your work AM.


  8. At last more story!

  9. Complete bodycrafting please!

  10. And the fans rejoice! More story! More jobs! More relationships!

    There are a few minor issues that I'd like to report:

    1. You can name your female character Maria and the real Maria did not changed her comment.

    2. The hair styling box is available even when you're a guy, when it shouldn't be. It would also be a nice touch if there was a short blurb about your increasing femininity when you acquire a hair styling box and a jewellery box.

    3. The get dressed command doesn't work properly after Maria leaves your apartment for the first time. We needed to choose and put on our clothes ourselves for the first time.

    And a request, please give the fishnet mini dress a clothing style. Hooker, Slut, Stripper, anything. It is rather lonely and sad at this time.

  11. I have some problem with loading the older saves with newest game update. Should I start over?

  12. ES nipple ring and ES clitorial ring seem to be broken right now (you cant wear them at all anymore).

  13. This game is awesome!