Thursday, November 17, 2011

Update 11/17

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure WHAT I've done today. Here's the stuff I do remember, though.

Major Updates
- On day 104, Maria will return with another mission. You will get to hear about it, but it's currently not possible to actually do it (that'll come later, these missions take time). VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two possible missions she can give you, depending on your actions in the introduction phase.
- The Maria encounter will also reveal some new information about her, but you need to be paying attention...

Minor Updates
- Added a couple of new styles: Whore and Business Woman. Should be pretty easy to figure out what they are.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the ES rings and the contacts so they can be worn properly.
- Added in checks for all jewelry, so that you can't wear the same type at the same time.
- Maria now properly objects if you try to name yourself Maria during the intro.
- The hair styling box will not show up until you're a woman.


  1. Hey, sorry to bother you.
    I dont want to be pushy nut when you got time, feel free to check your mail! :P

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. If you try to make your name maria. maria chooses the name Kim for you but your name never changes

  3. after i got the first mission from maria i got trapped in the bedroom i don't have the option to leave.

  4. Hey I love the game so far! -Been playing for a couple weeks now and am hooked. I think I've noticed a bug however... When you are pregnant my character can't wear underwear, and receives the "would just ruin it" message like she's having her period. Whatever the case, you're awesome, thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Thank you very much AM!

    But are styles broken? After trying and failing for a while to get the Whore style, I tried out the Bimbo style but failed to get that one too.

    Here are my current appearance, which satisfies the requirement listed in the wiki:

    Hair: You have blonde long, straight hip-length.
    Bust: You have sensitive D-cup breasts.
    Height: You're naturally of average height, standing about 5'6" tall.
    Strength: You have weak but visible muscles.
    Body Shape: You have a curvy body, along with a relatively normal-sized butt and teen-girl hips.
    Current Makeup: You're wearing a lot of makeup, which doesn't necessarily emphasize your features so much as draw attention to them in a demanding way. You definitely look like you're wearing too much makeup, but it does give you a certain, "special" look.
    Clothes: You are currently wearing an asymmetrical, shimmering grey mini dress with a ruffled hem.The shimmering of the silk is almost enough to distract from your perky nipples peeking through the fabric, though your lack of panties goes unnoticed...unless you bend over too far.

    Charisma: You're currently a bit nervous, but at least you feel somewhat comfortable.
    Natural Charisma: 12
    Non-Natural Charisma: -1
    Total Charisma: 12

    And yes, I wore the tall heels.

    Also, the Whore and the Business Woman styles are definitely not yet described in the Style magazine. I've read over two hundred of the magazines. Thank god for quick loading.

    For any one who may be interested, here is the break down of what the magazine randomly rolled for me:

    bimbo 51
    femme fatale 46
    goth 40
    party girl 32
    tomboy 31

    And the ES clit ring is not wearable, despite having a clitoris piercing.

    Here's to hoping that there will be a patch this Friday! After being spoiled by updates on every weekday, this - so far - twice a week update is agonising. But cheers anyway for getting a better deal at work. I'll try to work on my patience.

  6. I too have hit a bug with the latest pack -
    when I wear sweats, or other casual clothes to work at the bar (after starting a new game) I get trapped, unable to work (wrong clothes change from the locker - but the locker only has shoes- and no way to return home and change.
    Also if you skip the intro you can get stuck with marias lipstick panties, and the napkin and phone number, in your inventory.

  7. I know your in a stream now but I felt like I should stick this under the day the build came out.

    I have a save from this build where my character is stuck in a period. Isn't using tampons, I just cant wear underwear (Or specifically the nursing bra)

    I have a saved game if it will help.

  8. Just tried out your game, are images supposed to show up of the character?