Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stream Done

Just waiting for my schedule to clear up, and then I'll stream for a while. Don't know how long, but I'm sure I can get some stuff done.

Stream up. Bug fixes, some additional work.

Turns out the bugs reported...weren't necessarily bugs. Nothing really done tonight, I got distracted by a triple-tag-team of Fenoxo, Luckster and PZero. I'll try and do some more work tomorrow.

Note: No new version. I laid some groundwork, but nothing worth actually uploading.


  1. ES clitoris ring still only got option to examine after you bought it, you mean this isnt a bug?

  2. Just wondering, has the futanari TF been expanded on yet? I remember reading somewhere that you were planning on doing so

  3. When you are going to stream and fix the bugs? I want to know if the random events when they happen, they do not come out back-to-back (unless it is luck) everytime you come across a random event.