Friday, November 25, 2011

Update 11/25 And Donations

Look, an update!

Major Updates
- Britney's first interaction has been added to the second mission (note: the second mission has TWO possibilities, depending on whether or not you managed to successfully seduce the blonde girl in the intro. If you skip the intro, you DO NOT get credit for seducing her) Currently, I'm working on the "blonde girl" leg of the second mission, so if you don't meet the conditions (if you get the mission to kidnap someone), then you won't meet Britney.
  Also of note: Britney is currently planned to be "relationship lite", so when she's done, you'll be able to see some of the features that will be in the relationship system (not yet though).

Minor Updates
- Shuffled some stuff around behind the scenes to streamline a couple of things.

Bug Fixes
- Styles now properly apply when you leave the house without shoes on: the game will put the shoes on first, and then check for style requirements.

Donations have been slacking off a little lately, which I imagine is due to the fact that my schedule was all boned for the last three weeks, but hey, I understand. In an attempt to get donations going again, let's have a random donation encouragement day, shamelessly stolen from Fenoxo.

  • Every $10 or $15 entitles you to one hour of Anonymous Man working on a ‘thing’ of your choice.

  • If you’re donating towards something I’ve already started on or wanted to do, it’s $10/hr.

  • If you’re donating towards something relatively brand-new it’s $15/hr.

  • The ‘thing’ your donating towards cannot be uber-specific, and I have the right to reject (with a refund) or adjust any specifics to fit within the game world.

  • Max 8 hours of work per person.

  • Note that, because of the way I work, the amount of time I'll be working on something is kind of nebulous, but the donation amount will be for the MINIMUM amount of work I'll be putting into it. For something simple (new hairstyle, new style, new clothes, etc), an hour is usually more than enough. Something complicated (new location, new person), it'll take quite a bit longer.

    Not sure how much you should be donating towards something? Contact me, either via email, on the stream, or via Skype. Contact details on the right-hand side.


    1. Bug report: I can't seem to get past the bar intro scene in this build. After the 3rd round there always seems to be a 4th and after that you don't get another "round results" option and you can't hit continue so you're just stuck.

    2. are u just meeting the mysterious woman and if u are then u need to look at the compass and select the one that says out then click on the woman bang her then pick up the stuff and renter the bar then click on the fen's bar twice, head home, sleep in bed then u so ever turn into a woman.

    3. i noticed that if a character is pregnant, if you click "Get dressed for excercise", it says that you cannot wear the underwear (the sportsbra and boyshorts) with the unchecked period bug but, you can wear it manually. The normal "get dressed" option works fine though. I hope that the bug get fixed for the next version of Cursed.

    4. I just wanted to donate ~$100, but looked on 'never' list and decided not to donate. Sorry man, no bucks from me.

    5. Bug: I dunno how far I am in the game, but while working as a stripper, I am suddenly unable to wear my work clothes with the following error: "You cannot wear a slutty schoolgirl costume. You will need to remove a skimpy bikini first."
      Yet I don't have skimpy bikini worn or in my inventory (I do have it at home, though), nor does stripping help this at all.. I don't think I even can wear swimwear outside of the beach. This happened with the older 11-17 version, but my game save was done at the work place, so I'm efficiently stuck now (can't get to work and the game doesn't allow me to leave without working).

    6. On the above, I can put my normal clothes back on fine (no whining about the bikini with them), it's just the work clothes that I can't put on.

    7. hey when can we expect to see the child born?

    8. One Step forward two backward.. Socks and stockings are bugged again.

    9. Getting a bug with disappearing underwear. Whenever I get the notification that I'm gaining weight and my clothes aren't fitting too well the current underwear I have just vanish and I have to buy new ones.

    10. I got a bug to report. I have the requirements to meet the bimbo look BUT I'm not wearing makeup yet I get the message that I have the bimbo look and that I'm wearing makeup.

    11. The poker face magazine doesn't get discarded after I read through it, so I can keep reading it again and again. Is this intentional?