Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Update 11/22

There was some additional stuff done, but then RAGS crashed, and I lost an hour of work.

Major Updates
- Nothing. Sucks.

Minor Updates
- Random events now have a "lock out" period, so that you shouldn't encounter the same event twice in a row. In theory; now that I think about it, I think I coded in the priority incorrectly, so I might have to adjust that tomorrow.

Bug Fixes
- ES clitoral ring is fixed.
- I double-checked and tested the styles, and they are working, so no bug there.


  1. Styles only seem to work if you manually put on each piece of clothing (or shoes). If you, instead, leave the apartment without wearing shoes (letting the game wear the last pair of shoes used automatically), you won't get the style applied.

  2. Really sorry that you lost so much work, had that happen before and it is such a pain to get back up from that. :( Congrats on getting an hour in though? You'll be able to re-do it even better the second time around, I'm sure.

    As a side-note (and I think I am one or two versions back so it may have already been adjusted), there is an encounter as a dancer when some rich people call you in to do a private show for them, look you over, and then say you are not quite right. There doesn't seem to be any hint in the dialog as to what they were looking for so you can try to change in order to get the encounter (and with the number of different things being tracked now it will be exponentially hard to try all the combinations of body types / hair styles / make-up / personality). I don't know if that was intentional?

    Anyway, keep up the great work and good job on trying to find your pace again, you are really inspiring me to find mine!

  3. hey I can't seem to pass the 2nd request that Mira wants me to do well not per say pass but can't find the damn note really that's suppose to be near the phone is this a glitch. bug, or an oversight?

    The request asks me to persuade a witch to join Mira little cult group. that's basically all I understood. And am trying to be in Mira's good graces.

  4. Having trouble keeping my character under extra-curvy body weight. I've got all of the excersize equipment, and I've tried reducing my portions to 5 dollars per day while spending the entire day excersizing, jogging, and going to the gym, but my character is just getting fatter. I looked at the wiki but it has no information on how to gain or lose weight.

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  6. Well she hasn't had sex yet, so I hope she's not pregnant.

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