Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update 11/29


Major Updates
- Remember that special outfit you can get as a reward for finishing the first mission? It's available now. Changes every day based on morality (color), femininity (type of outfit), and inhibitions (conservative vs. provocative). It has a unique description for each of the 16 variations, and each of the types of underwear you can wear. For math geeks that don't like to do math, that's 144 descriptions. To say that this took forever does not convey the mind-numbing drudgery. And the worst part is, most people will take magic and never see it.

I hate you people.

And the special outfit still isn't done. Each of the sixteen variations will have unique, once-per-day effects. I'll probably leave that until next week, though, lest I kill myself.

Minor Updates
- The umbrella and raincoat are now toggles, as in, you can toggle their use on and off. Simple reason for that: going out unprotected in the rain may lower your health, but it does raise your non-natural charisma. I didn't want to lock people out of that option.

Bug Fixes
- I didn't get a chance to look at bug fixes this time around. I know there's some problems currently (some serious, some minor). I'll take care of those on Thursday.


  1. AM, the talk we had yesterday in Fenoxo's stream got me to do some research. Whether or not you care doesn't really mater to me at this point, but according to the NUREMBERG CODE ( Maria is committing crimes against humanity in her experiments.

  2. Yay relationship! That sounds like fun :) (hope if there are multiple ones out there some day you are open to poly ;))

    @DM Valid point, but the trouble is that she is a magician, so we need to find reference to the harry potter laws on transformation without consent. I am fairly sure it would fall under Vold[..]t's camp, but who knows. Either way I think it will be cute to at some point learn enough magic to turn her into a fluffy bunny and see how she likes it. Wait.. we actually kinda of liked what she turned us into don't we... Hm.. maybe I'll make her into a cat, everyone would like being a cat.

  3. Remember to save every 10 minutes! ;)

  4. I agree with dark master. Maria is not a good person. She experimented on other people and maybe got her spell right with you. If you say that you still think it's unfair to her, she explodes at you saying how you should be pretty much thanking her for giving you a new shot at life.

    On another note, thank you for your hard work anon. I am probably one of the few people that rarely chooses magic. I have always been interested in what that special outfit would be.

  5. Does it matter whether Maria is a good person or not? She's in the drivers seat whether she believes she's good or is just screwing with you.

  6. I agree I don't give a shit about experiments on humans animals or even Jesus Christ as long as its good I don't care.

    but what really annoys me is that I have to restart every time theirs an update.

    that i would love to see fixed by the YOYO and

  7. @"I have to restart every time theirs an update."

    Try renaming each new .rags file into "cursed.rags" from the "cursed-version.rags" format and see if that helps? Rags itself seems to be broken in this regard and thinks the different filename means different game altogether. (I haven't tried this myself, but I was thinking it might work)

  8. hmm makes you wonder if Frankenstein's monster will ever turn on her.

  9. I hope bug with wrong clothes in beach repair(go in sweat wear, go out wear common clothes)

  10. From what I understand from past posts of people using RAGS, if you do try and to that it may or may not work. Trouble is that some of the new stuff may have some new variable or condition that gets set / triggered near the beginning of the game so even if the game keeps running you might not get to see the new content.

    And the outfit sounds very interesting, may have to try a non-magic-path option just to see it. Most of the non-magic rewards seemed to somewhat bring my totally inhuman body closer to normal (and were all achievable without needing her help) so there didn't seem to be much point to that route. I'll try it or the sake of seeing 144 permutations of the outfit though :D

  11. "going out unprotected in the rain may lower your health, but it does raise your non-natural charisma."

    Wet hair player is best player? :P

    Don't mind me, just wondering about the reasoning behind that choice :)

  12. It seems like you're making a menial task simulator with so many of the things you add being just... tedious steps that require more and more clicks, and don't actually add any fun. Can't you make some of this stuff just happen automatically? Using an umbrella, putting on the coat, changing into workout clothes, having to shower BEFORE exercising outdoors, so you don't become a slob, but having to shower immediately afterwards... so you don't become a slob.

    Just remember that the number one rule for creating a game is to keep it fun, keep it simple, don't muddle it up by adding a bunch of meaningless additional steps to get from point A to point B.

    Consider doing things differently, like if you HAVE to wear workout clothes to go to the gym or dojo, make it so you just take them along with you, while wearing your normal clothes, and change into, and out of, them automatically. It even opens up some opportunities to add more meaningful content, like inhibition based embarrassment for changing clothes in public, or getting aroused in public for seeing a bunch of other women changing clothes... it's pretty much a classic scenario for a guy in a girl's locker room.

    Another example, there's no reason that the player should have to take six extra steps to change into workout clothes in the home to run on a treadmill when it can all be done as a sentence or two of flavor text.

  13. @hypnokitten: If I remember correctly, using magic in front and/or against "muggles" in harry potter was prohibited by the ministry of magic (and by HP standards, in the begginging of cursed you're pretty much a muggle...).

    @anon6: I was wondering the same, until I remembered about WET SHIRTS!!!!

  14. Anyone know how to seduce the conservative and commanding woman at the bar? She's the only one I can't figure out.

  15. Hang in there Mr. 'Nonymous! I'm a good boi/grl and acquiesce to her request by not taking the magic, I'll enjoy your outfit!

  16. Tried magic once. Made transformations easy. Didn't like.

  17. i get the feeling that the name of the special suit is suposed to change but it is always "pimp suit" the description when you examine the suit does change but when you examine yourself it has the description of the pimp suit

    from unknownwisdom

    ps cant be bothered to make a profile right now

  18. Oh, oh, oh...will it let me rage once per day?

  19. @mayflower

    currently my umbrella and raincoat are useless. I cant put them on manually (the option just isn't there) and I don't wear them when leaving. Honestly none of the game's logic should ever be saved in the save games files and any missing data should be filled in with default data when the save is loaded (and then saved into the next save file created as per normal) That RAGS doesn't do this seems a major oversight to me.

    @"It seems like you're making a menial task simulator"

    yes and no. Games are also very much about choice. In a platformer the choices would be wether or not to get closer to the bottomless pit before trying to jump across, or wait till the guy in the pope hat stops shooting hiss scepter to jump. In an advernture game its far more obvious... and much more important.

    On the other side they also shouldnt be drudgery. I caught myself getting frustrated with the game a few days ago because I had done like 10 days straight in a perfect routine and had 4 more to go before I would have what I wanted (namely losing some pesky extra curves so I could get a certian promotion). It was something like 30 clicks in the exact same order 14+ times. If i did quicksaves you could add 10 clicks per repetition. If not then god help me if something when wrong.

    So I understand. But I still want to have a choice in pretty much everything. It would be nice if I could go in the bathroom and rightclick the shower and select "shower automatically" and then if I needed a shower (just woke up/lifted weights/etc) it would show me going to the shower and taking one.

    And since its not even possible to leave the house without clothes, If I try to leave without cloths on (or appropriate clothes in the case of excersizing) it would show me going to the bedroom and getting dressed in whatever I last wore before leaving. If it were possible to leave naked (but there were reprocusions) then I would suggest making it an option when you right click the door to "automatically put clothes on before leaving."

    But most importantly of all... It should be possible to set up a weekly routine. So you can run an entire day based off the routine. Most people in real life follow a routine... no reason not to let us set them for Cursed.

    For example. You have a good monday (or tuesday, wednesday, etc)... you like how it turned out... so when you sleep that day it pops up and sais "remember monday" "keep routine" "forget routine" as options. If you select "remember monday" then the following monday (or tueday, wednesday, etc) when you wake up it could ask "do routine for monday" "try something new." This could also be tied into certain stats (too repetative and it can cause depression... too chaotic and it can make you a forgetful confused mess... each temporarily lowering natural charisma... for example).

    And when an event happens while out it would prompt you like normal and when the avent is over ask if you which to continue routine or break out of it (say... to deal with the fall out from the event).

    I know this might seems like you would be then putting the game on autopilot but in truth you cannot follow a routine indefinately if you want to do everything that needs doing. Your hair only needs cutting every so often... you only need birth control pills from the drug store once a month... not every day is a good day to go to the beach. So you would still have to break out of the routine fairly often to take care of odd things. If you gain or lose weight your cloths will need altering. If your breasts grow you will need new underwear. lots of stuff happens that give reasons to run a day by hand. But when there is no reason to run a day by hand we wouldnt be forced to run through a long series of repetative clicks each followed by a "nothing to see here" bit of content we already saw 500 times.

    I do like the idea of taking workout clothes with you though...

  20. I agree that the amount of clicking can be tedius, but I think it nessacary since it's the nature of the game. ...That doesn't sound right, but it's the best I've got. The game is about choices; don't shower and you become a Slob. Maybe it should change if you're just going out to jog, it shouldn't add to it, but that's ow it works.

    Ruetine's would be fine... if the game wasn't a year, and more like ten years (such as Princess Maker); random events and trying new things is part of the game. Following a reutine would make it much more, in my opinion, boring, and doesn't make much sense for this game in my mind.

    Of course, this will all become much more noticable when more random events are added in; perhaps something like, if you have a bad reputation, somebody calls the cops on you and they arrive at your apartment. Or maybe if somebody doesn't like you, it's more difficult to ger promoted at work, and they start to slur your reputation among others.

    Oh, and AnonMan; I imagine that there's going to be more tasks, so more oportunities, later on, to get similar rewards as the ones for the first one. Maybe one of them could be the outfit? It seems a waste to spend a whole day on one item, that will probably need reworking if the system changes again, and for most people never to see it.

  21. Since game saves between versions are still flaky as all hell, I suspect there will be fewer and fewer bug reports for the later stages of the game. (To get Maria's second mission, for instance, even if you use the testing item it's a non-trivial amount of effort to just advance the calendar that far.) Doesn't help that RAGS is kinda flaky, either. :-/

  22. As to bug reports:

    The skirted suit incarnation of the special outfit doesn't strip off with the trip command or when going to sleep, not sure about other configurations for it yet.

  23. Heres an idea why not make avalible to get magic thought an item or something other than using the just of whatever that thing you get for Maria. Some other source might be able to help you (player) to first get the special siut and then get magic later?

  24. About the "special outfit", any chance you could make it "acceptable" work clothes for the secretary job? At least the higher inhibition variations?

    As it is, since you have to wear something else at the start of the day anyway, it almost feels pointless to even have it. I mean, what's the incentive to change into it after work lol.

    At least with the stripper job you can wear it to work, where you're forced to change outfits anyway.

    Also, any plans on incorporating the special outfit into any of the preexisting "styles"? Like the blouse and skirt as part of the businesswoman style or the tank-top and miniskirt or micro-dress as part of the party girl styles?

    Anyway! Keep up the good work, sir!