Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update 12/1

Finished for now. I may be back later tonight if I can figure out what, if anything, I can implement in a couple of hours.

Major Updates
- New futa system. You still gain the futanari trait the same way, however, once you do, you will have the ability to change your penis size. This is a one-way progression (it can only get bigger, not smaller), and more or less cumulative, for now at least. Also, if you try to make it grow too fast, you may encounter a bad end (multiples = path to the bad end, takes a few days).

Minor Updates
- Special outfit now has 16 possible beneficial effects the first time you wear it. Usually skill bonuses of one or two points, but most also effect your femininity and occasionally your traits.
- Revealing underwear, restricting underwear and black one-piece corset have had their descriptions updated to make it clear that they have no purpose in the game...yet.

Bug Fixes
- The Strip Naked command will now take into account the nursing bra and the special outfit.
- Going to the beach should now strip off your clothes properly (i.e. no more "always on" swimsuits).
- There was an entire branch of the special outfit (the most feminine options) that wasn't firing correctly. Fixed.
- There was a report that the umbrella and raincoat didn't have toggles. Tested it, but they worked just fine. Not sure what the problem was (possibly an imported save game?).


  1. WONDERFUL GAME!! Just one thing, I'm not sure if your aware or not, but I think there is a bug with the revealing underwear. once I buy it, I can only inspect it, never wear it :(
    keep up the great work!!

  2. Lol. Apparently the ingame description you added, or the changelog you just posted will give people the hint about those clothing items.

  3. I wounder if the 2nd requests are fixed I cant seem to get the witch and the blonde girl

  4. @There was a report that the umbrella and raincoat didn't have toggles. Tested it, but they worked just fine. Not sure what the problem was (possibly an imported save game?).

    if you are referring to me (because you are so awesome you can tell one anon from another... :-) obv), yes, it was an imported save game. Another user had posted that they thought it might be possible to just load the old save with the new game and it might work, but he wasn't sure. I was simply sharing my experience in the matter.

  5. I have the umbrella from an imported saved game, and a raincoat from after. The Raincoat works fine, the Umbrella doesn't. That doesn't sound like a high-priority issue to me.

  6. How do you increase your penis size once you become a futanari? I can't seem to find any way to do it on my own.

  7. Found your site via Fenoxo, used RAGS before but on a new computer. Dowloaded the ame and RAGS via the links, but RAGS won't run the game, keepps kickin out a "Sory, this RAGS game is unreadable" error. Redownloaded and reinstalled multiple times, no dice.

    Any ideas?

  8. Found a bug. After starting up RAGS and loading a save, I noticed that my eyes were brown even though I made them green last night. When I bought some more green contacts and used them, the game said they were already green. I was able to use other colored contacts, but the game still describes them as brown.
    I couldn't recreate it with a new character, though.

  9. Attempting to equip the stockings actually equips the knee high socks, even without having bought the socks.

    Also the milking machine seems to be growing my characters breasts non-stop.

  10. I have the issue with the Umbrella and Raincoat not toggling.

    But this is from importing a save game from 11-25 build. Not sure if the older version is incompatible with the new version.

  11. to person complaining about the "Sory, this RAGS game is unreadable" error I had the same problem awhile back and there are 2 answers to your problem first you have to save the game to your computer i recommend the desktop if you did and it still doesn't work check your fonts you need the times new roman regular file which you can get here

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  13. Not the other guy with the unreadable RAGS game error, but I'm getting it too. I can run everything smoothly on a different machine and an earlier version, but this computer and the 12-1 version = no dice.

    EDIT: Looks like trying to repair my RAGS installation fixed it, I had to use the .msi as well, rather than just the .exe. It's weird, I don't understand it, but it worked, and that's all that matters.

  14. do you increase your penis as a futanari...

  15. I'm also experiencing non-stop breast growth. It's in a new game, not an imported save. No milking machine here; mine began after receiving the special outfit as a reward for Maria's mission. I've not used the growth hormone, nor have I encountered the event with the two guys talking about breasts nor the beach event since receiving the outfit.