Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update 11/8

Somewhat short stream today. There wasn't anything else I could add in the 25 minutes I had left after finishing the recliner.

Major Updates
- New skill books are available for purchase at the book store. These books cost $35, and can raise a skill by a maximum of 20 points. Each 2 point increase takes one time block. If you skill is greater than 75, the books are not at all helpful.
- New item: Recliner. Once purchased, you can use the nap command, which will reduce your arousal due to relaxation, unless your arousal is over 65%, in which case you'll have a sexy dream and wake up more aroused than before.

Minor Updates
- Professional hair styles (given by Genevieve) will now "fall out" if you haven't purchased the item for that particular hair style, removing any bonuses. Example: if you get a professional pony tail, but don't own the hair elastic, at the end of the day, you will lose the 5 point bonus to non-natural charisma, and your hair style will revert to loose.
- New action on the computer: Browse for Porn. Currently has two variations (based on whether or not you have Porn Addict), but will eventually, when I have the time, have variations for each of the sex traits you can develop.

Bug Fixes
- ES clitoral ring does something now.
- Professional hair styling will now properly add to your non-natural charisma, so no more penalties, just reductions in the bonus.


  1. Guess they were too busy wondering where the new updated version of Cursed was, since you didn't change the previous message "(Updated 11/5)", even though it links to 11/7

  2. May I suggest a "Bookworm" trait? Just food for thought... it could double what you gain out of books but make it where they can only teach you up to 50.

  3. Okay, odd bug I found. Wore the exercise outfit (sportsbra and sweats) to the Waitress job. Selected 'Strip' then 'Get Dressed'. I am now wearing the sportsbra, the Sweatsuit, AND the waitress uniform. I can no longer leave.