Monday, November 7, 2011

Update 11/7

Request week* is just getting started!

Major Updates
- Two new pieces of jewelry at the jewelry store: ES nipple rings and ES clitoral ring.

Minor Updates
- The "Sit on Lap" event now has four possible variations, depending on whether you are heterosexual (or bi), or lesbian, and whether your arousal is greater than 50% or not.

Bug Fixes
- Rain should no longer remain constant once it starts.
- Modified inhuman pregnancies so that they shouldn't lock you into a menstrual cycle phase.
- Some typos.

Reported Bugs
- There's some reports of non-natural charisma doing some funky things. I checked a few of them out (fight club, piercings), but I can't see why they would be acting weird. Same idea as before with weird bugs: if you can reliably reproduce it, let me know what the steps are, otherwise, send me a "before" and "after" save game.

* Request Week is the week where I fulfill a bunch of requests on my backlog, not the week where you request something. The management apologizes for any confusion.


  1. Can we give birth and care for babies yet?

  2. Nudist trait shows up in 'Status - skills and sexuality' but the long description does not in the 'Sex Traits' listing.

  3. Non-Natural Charisma seems bugged when adding or removing jewelry. If you have 50 Charisma when you remove a piece, your Charisma goes down even if you would have over 50 without the cap.

  4. The ES Clit ring doesn't seem to do anything.

  5. Although I know you are not going to get to take my request right away, could I ask for you to add Vagina expansion, clit expansion, and more emphasis on height? I know it's a lot to ask but I would be very interested to see some of these implemented eventually

  6. Adding/removing slutty secretary dress is adding to non-natural charisma

  7. Tampons seem to be bugged. The game doesn't recognize that I have them and won't use them.

  8. Just a heads up everyone. A new version of RAGS is out and supposedly it fixes some issues with the saves carrying over.

  9. The non-natural charisma is also acting strangely for me as well. I started a new game and before getting through the first week, my non-natural charisma took a -2 hit (from 0). So I reloaded a previous save from earlier that in-game day and non-natural was at 0. I went through the day again, checking the charisma after every action, and it only hit -2 when I slept and woke up the following day. After several reloads the only thing that I saw that remained consistent after testing several different actions through the day was my fitness went from low to bad. So I tested to see if getting it out of bad would get rid of it. It took four days of being in bad fitness and -2 non-natural charisma until I hit my day off of work. Ate light that day, took a shower, jogged, dojo, gym, and walked around the city for the remainder until I went to bed (Late Night). Woke up the next day with fitness jumped from bad, passed low and on to average, but the kicker was that non-natural charisma dropped to -4 in total. Not 100% sure if fitness is the only one causing this, but it certainly appears to look like it at least plays a part.

  10. just wanted to say great game so far but i have encountered a bug where my seems to continue gaining wait even though im exercising everyday and eating light

  11. Incompatible with RAGS 2.2.11 on my computer :S

  12. Is there no way to wear anything other than the sweatsuit once pregnancy progresses to a certain point?

  13. I think that the non-natural charisma bug has something to do, at least in part, with hairstyles.

    I got my hair styled at the salon in a ponytail with medium hair. There were no points added to my non-natural charisma, but over the next 5 days, 5 points were substracted.

    Hope it helps.