Sunday, November 6, 2011

What's on tap?

Tomorrow's stream may start late. I have an early dentist appointment. It shouldn't be too late, but it could be, so fairly warned be ye.

As for the other thing, I spent some time going over the Requested Features list and figuring out how to implement some of the stuff I've been putting off. Here's what I've got planned for the rest of the week.

- Nylon Fetish (plus nylons and socks)
- More information and customization of Futanari
- Multiple types of strength (muscle building versus muscle toning)
- Athletic trait
- Food court options
- More variation for "Sit on Lap" as erotic waitress.
- More eyewear (dovetails into customizable eye color)
- Vibrating nipple and clitoral rings
- More items for skill training
- Browse porn option for computer
- Recliner furniture item
- Nursing bra
- Nun outfit (this one ended up being a little more complicated than expected, because it needs to DO something, so I had to come up with something it could do)
- Sandals (multiple kinds)

And, of course, bug fixes.

How much of this stuff will get implemented this week is up in the air, but I'll be doing my best.


  1. Don't worry man. Most of us will be outside/inside a gamestop late at night for midnight release for modern warfare.

  2. would be nice for more casual clothes
    tube top with short shorts

  3. Loving the nylon fetish and the addition of nylons feature. Thanks for making such an awesome game!

  4. epicly waiting to see what cha get out i have to say im still drooling over your character sheet for relationships, can't wait to see it, and also the 12 hour stream which you get ever closer to, wonder if people will do it just to get more of the requested stuff put up