Saturday, November 5, 2011

Emergency 11/5 Build

I forgot to activate a few things, notably the new weather clothing and the doctor's office. New version uploaded to take care of that.

Also, please tell me how the weather system is working. You should not, for example, get rain or snow more than 3 days in a row. Raining for two days, then one day of sun, then two more days of rain is acceptable, but raining for 4 days is not. The way the system is set up, if it rained the day before, there's a greater chance of rain (and a slim chance of thunderstorm) the following day, followed by a severe decrease in the chance of rain the third day, and no chance of rain the fourth day. Same thing with snow and blizzards.

Only $100 away from the 12 hour challenge! SO EXCITING!


  1. Rains all the goddamn time without any breaks.

  2. Wouldn't it have been better to just implement weather as a Markov Chain instead of having such a complicated system?

  3. The rain seems to be getting stuck on in my game, once it starts it just keeps raining everyday.

  4. Not sure about the non-natural charisma break being in here but i'll post it here regardless. After getting into a fight, i received a penalty to non-natural charisma. While I was still recovering from the penalty, i bought a piercing during which the non-natural charisma penalty stopped recovering. Removing the piercing caused the penalty grow larger instead.

    Tried again from a different save but this time, i had a hair style change before the fight. After the fight, i didn't gain a bonus, my non-natural charisma was stuck at 0. Removing the hair style instead caused the penalty to reappear and increase by the day.

  5. Agreed - rain is stuck on my game, started with the 11/5 build.

  6. Actually, the rain kept getting stuck in the 11/4 build as well.

  7. "A bottle of vitamin C supplement pills. Supposedly, these will boost your immune system, but there's an upper limit to how much your body can absorb a day, and more than that will make you sick."

    This sentence isn't accurate. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) isn't toxic. Overdosing on that very rarely, if ever has any side-effects for a normal human body.

    Oh also, fix this.

    A bottle of 30 pills costs $40.
    It costs $X.

  8. Andru, and growing taller/shorter based on what you think after hearing someone discuss it is accurate?

    Suppose that whatever magic is affecting the PCs body makes vitamin C harmful in large quantities and leave it at that.

  9. Ok i am sure i missed this at some point but is there a way to continue your save from previous builds and still get all the new features?

  10. I got stuck at sunny days and I'm almost sure that I never saw rain.
    PC with leather and latex fetishes and inhibition at 0, whenever the PC uses a latex or leather item the inhibition goes up.