Friday, November 4, 2011

Update 11/4


Major Updates
- Beginnings of the weather system. There's 4 possibly weather statuses, sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowing, with variations for rain (thunderstorm) and snow (blizzard). There's various bonuses and penalties for going out with the right items in the right weather, but these items will NOT supercede any of your other choices (yet). The raincoat, for example, will currently be worn even if you're wearing the cashmere overcoat, eventually, you'll need to choose one or the other. Eventually, the items will toggle, so that you can choose to take them or not.
  There's also a second set of weather "variations", which are windy, warm, average and cold. These currently have no effect, so those'll be next update.

Minor Updates
- New items for the weather system. For the most part, just having the item is enough for now. Eventually, it will be on a toggle, so that you can choose if you want to automatically wear something when going out. Note that you're going to want both the cashmere overcoat AND the snow boots for snow.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the food system, so now you can eat. Hooray.
- Had the check for the doctor's office reversed. You can go there again.
- Order of execution on vitamins was wrong, making it think you were always taking one more vitamin than you actually were. Fixed. Also forgot to reset the check at the end of the day, fixed that too.

Pretty productive week, I think. As always, weekends are usually the best time for extended playtimes, so if you encounter any bugs or whatnot, leave a comment or send me an email.

In other news, donations have slacked off a little bit, only two in the last week, three in the last two weeks. I understand no one really donating last week (out of sight, out of mind), but I figured I'd bring it up anyway. Only $130 away from the twelve hour stream, and then we can start working on the 24 hour stream. You know you want to see me lose my mind over the course of a long day, plus, think of all the stuff I can get done in 12/24 hours! Things like the relationship system!


  1. I'm stuck at the doctors options or anything cant even go home

  2. can't seem to find the raincoat...

  3. what's the point to donate you money if you are a prude and most of ideas/fantasies (even plain ones, like anal sex) are rebuffed by you?

  4. what´s the point about your comment about donations? i think he explained it.
    he don´t like it. he is the autor. simple thing isn´t it?
    anal isn´t a problem for the most, rape.....maybe like in movies, like in death wish and you are charles bronson and can kill the one or the group later ....or get them arrestet, bestial is allowed in some staates of the world...but same thing, the autor don´t want it and you can handle it about daemons or whatever, lolis or "can you do something about age "maybe better go to a psychiatry. That is not even a fetish and no, it is not ART.

    greets and sorry Anonymous Man,but that comment was to silly for my drunken head.


  5. Because the game is great and well worth it, don't be suck a dick! if you don't like it, jog on. Please, go and make your own game and then sit back and realise that like you, its a piece of shit.

  6. An Idoit Speaker:

    I see so many things at odds with the comment above Ehlerion, but since the writer was drunk, I'm surprised he/she/it/dog? was able to type that out in a near enough coherent way to be read.

    Hahah! I see a bribe there.. The relationship system will be started on the 12 hour challenge, and may or may not be completed for all the current people that is met at the bar and jobs. A very good bribe...

    On an a differing point: Still going strong even after the computer fiasco hurray!

  7. Question. Is it possible to make the import/export commands not import/export profession? So that the imported character retains the profession you selected at the start of a new game as opposed to the imported/exported characters profession?

  8. Weather systems sound interesting, can't wait to try it out. I'm assuming that means some form of seasons (so it doesn't bounce from swimming weather to snowing) or such? Very cool. And can't wait to see the relationship system in place, I'll try to donate again soon as I can, your work rocks :) (about to switch jobs so making sure there are no significant financial hiccups)

    As for kink and such (to the drunken poster), if you want kink play Fenoxo's game. Both this one and that are awesome, both accept donations, both are in development, both link to each other, each author has their own thing they'd rather work on and with and that's fine, and that one is kink heavy. If you must have kink to survive your week just play that, plenty of room for all us twisted people to play in the sandbox without nipping at those doing the work.

  9. Not being able to buy rain gear kinda sucks when you get stuck in 3 weeks of non-stop rain

  10. Dude I hate to be a squid but please skip the 24 hour stream. Shit isn't good for your health. Just Turn it into an extra two 12 hour streams.

  11. Wind should blow skirts up and reveal the goods! Best wear undies or get caught, ba-dum-chhh.

  12. Seem to have found a bug. After winning a fight at the Fight club, I got a piercing and now I'm slowly accumulating penalties to Non-natural Charisma.

  13. 2Ehlerion
    Oh, come on, it was really 1000% nerdrage (or fanrage, I haven't decided yet) with great butthurt, lol.
    My comment was really about my thoughts - "why the hell should I give money to some guy, who makes porn game, but is so fucking prudish that he can't stand even basic porn genres!? If I'll donate and ask him to add bukkake for example, what's the probability that this request will be actually added to game? And what about fisting?"

    So - that was my post about - it was about simple thoughts of simple gamer that plays porn games - why should somebody pay him money cause all vanilla things are already added? And to pay 50 bucks so he would add blue/yellow/sports bra? It's just ridiculous.

    If this guy had even small respect for community from whom he tries to get more and more money, he would made options (like in SlaveMaker) for enabling/disabling content.

  14. No one is forcing you to donate.

  15. exactly, no one is forbidding me to post my thoughts here either

  16. Aww man still have the unstoppable-period bug in this version. I did give birth to a naga and during pregnancy and after it still no werable panties. And none of the tampons are used as well.

    Before the pregancy everything worked fine.