Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update 11/3

Stream over!

Major Updates
- Health system implemented. Generally speaking, things that are dangerous or unhealthy (like not eating, not eating enough, getting into a fight, etc) will make you unhealthy, and things that are healthy or good for you (exercise, eating right, etc) will make you healthy. The system will naturally gravitate towards healthy over time, but you can push it to extremes of unhealthyness and healthyness relatively easy. You get bonuses for being very healthy, and penalties for being unhealthy. (Hint: if you want to be a slut and screw everything with two legs, invest in vitamins)
- New location: doctor's office. Only partially implemented right now, but the check-up will improve your health.

Minor Updates
- Actually from yesterday: the Style Magazine will give you hints on styles when read. The hint you get is randomly determined, so you may get the same one as before.
- New items: vitamin C and multivitamins, for bonus health.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the weirdness with hair styles. Probably.

Plans for Tomorrow
- Skill books!
- A weather system!


  1. Game becomes more and more vanilla and bland (I'm talking about constant list expansion in 'Never be in Cursed')
    No incest? Oh, come on!

  2. FunnyGame you made, i like it, thanks :)

    As you wake up the morning, you don't immediately notice anything different, until you're brushing your platinum hair, styled up into a French twist, and held in place with a pretty hair clip hair out of your eyes. Wait a minute, platinum hair, styled up into a French twist, and held in place with a pretty hair clip? Isn't your hair supposed to be brunette hair, styled up into a French twist, and held in place with a pretty hair clip? What the heck is going on?

    Closer examination reveals that your hair still has brunette hair, styled up into a French twist, and held in place with a pretty hair clip highlights, but your root color is now platinum hair, styled up into a French twist, and held in place with a pretty hair clip. You also check to see if your pubic hair has changed color, but it has not. Looks like it's just a weird effect. Very bizarre.

  3. The only thing that makes me sad is no rape (and a little age change) >:
    Fictional rape is always ok since no one gets hurt irl.

  4. I thought I had odd tastes, but the complaints about what's not going in on these comment sections makes me feel icky.

  5. I for one am glad he's adamant on not considering rape a legitimate form of sexual expression.

  6. When will we see more of Maria? Will there ever be a way for us to dominate her into submission, and maybe impregnate her? How about a relationship (at least friendship) with her, or some kind of calling her during the game, and have "fun times" and the like?=P Thank you for this awesome game!

  7. That was a real nice stream you had today. You and Fenoxo are bat shit insane :p.

  8. I think eating may have been broken.

  9. eating is broken visiting the hospital return "your not a hypochondriac" and i never went even once

  10. Eating is broken. Can't set a meal or anything.

  11. You eat automatically every day. Just use the fridge to change how large your diet is.

  12. I opened a new game with the 11/3 update. On Monday (April 2 2012), there isn't the usual prompt to choose my diet nor is there any options on the fridge to change my diet.

  13. Hey AM, the Fridge is broken. It never gives you the option to set a diet and you can't do it manually at the fridge. It just tells you that you are feeling sick and weak every morning and that you should eat something.

    But you can't eat.

  14. I am curious, with hair-styles implemented along with some of the other personal styles that npcs check on in regard to whether they play with you or not (and the probable limit on npcs in the bar for a while), is there going to be somewhere down the pipe a way of either looking for people fitting a certain description (based on your current style) or a way of gauging what they liked or didn't like about you (such as with one of the spells)? Just curious and not a biggie, just a thought as more customization gets worked in - which I am absolutely a fan of of course :D

  15. vitamins also seem busted...."You choke down the pill, wondering if it's such a good idea to take so many vitamins..."
    when i have only taken one