Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update 11/2

So maybe it's a good thing that I didn't post the link to the update yesterday, since I was able to complete the hairstyle system today.

Major Updates
- Hairstyle system implemented. There's two versions: Professional and Amateur. Professional hairstyles (given by Genevieve) increase your Non-Natural Charisma by 5, decreasing by 1 point each day until it reaches zero. The Amateur version (when you make your hair up yourself) gives you a 2 point bonus to Non-Natural Charisma that lasts for 2 days, at which point it goes to zero. So the Amateur version is more consistent, but lasts less, and the Professional version is more effective and long-lasting, but less consistent and costs money. Choose wisely.

Minor Updates
- None, really. There WILL be two other systems for hairstyle implemented later, one where Genevieve gives you a random hairstyle and color for less money (you save money, but can't control what your hairstyle and color become), and one where, if you don't have the proper item to maintain a professional hairstyle, it will degrade after only one day.

Bug Fixes
- The black dildo pregnancy will now properly reset your period, so that if you are menstruating before it makes you pregnant, you'll be able to wear underwear during the pregnancy.

Known Issues
- There's a reported issue with the dildo panties that I completely forgot to check today. Sorry, will check tomorrow.
- Reported issue with sweatsuit still getting stuck in the locker at the Strip Club. Didn't check, sorry.


  1. Thank you for the great work that you are doing, the game is coming out really nice!

    I had an idea for the secretary Job, I've seen that this career isn't been touched since a bit. For a further Job upgrade you could make an event that if you flirt enough with you boss, he will call you inside his office to bring him something and there with an exscuse he asks you to lift up something and you get a good look under his desk where you see that he has his trousers unzipped with his member sticking out. There you would have two choiches go under the desk to do your "secretary" job or just do as you had seen nothing and walk back to work.

    In both ways i think you should earn the promotion, but then there would be perhaps two separate paths for further promotions!

  2. How about relationships? Maybe

  3. The hairstyle system seems to come up with some strange constructions:

    and medium, straight shoulder-length, brunette hair, pulled into a high bun on the top of your head, and accented with two hair sticks hair.

    Namely the "two hair sticks hair" at the end. (This for the Asian Bun style.)

  4. @Birion: Yeah, that's because of how the description is set. I tried to get all instances of that out of there, but I must have missed one (or several).

  5. Could we get more butt and hip sizes?

  6. I have a new bug involving the computer, I had ALL the software...and when i went to load my save from 10/31 in 11/2 they vanish, i go to the mall to rebuy, and it states i already own them

  7. @Asuna. That's not a bug with the game, that's a bug with the engine. The cross-game loading is still new and very buggy, and A-Man can't do anything about it.