Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update 11/1

I started early, I ended early.

I'm looking into uploading a web version of the game. I'm just not sure how to do it yet.

Major Updates
- Hairstyles! Get your hair styled by Genevieve, rather than just getting it cut. Eventually (either tomorrow or Thursday) hair styles will grant temporary bonuses to Non-Natural Charisma, and there will be items so that you can style your hair yourself (for less bonus, but slightly longer effect).
- New trait: Nudist. An upgrade of the Exhibitionist trait, which will increase your arousal when you switch time blocks based on how many different articles of clothing (underwear, clothes, and accessories) you're wearing. Sweatsuit and robe do not count as clothes.

Minor Updates
- None.

Bug Fixes
- None?


  1. Looks to me that either the hair styles are not working or it is still the link to the old file.

  2. it is still the link to the old file

  3. I believe the web version of the game is actually quite simple. When you're going to save the work you did in the RAGS suite there's an option something like "save as web page" or something like that that you can play on the RAGS web player.

  4. Do you accept contributions to your game? What makes Valente's Flexible and Fenoxos Champs so charged with content is user submissions.

  5. As of the 10/31 update the dildo panties will unequip when you strip but they stay in your inventory until you click remove. It's been like that for quite awhile I just wasn't sure if it has been reported.

  6. Contributions from users is a bad idea. Some ideas from users but not complete texts, really I think that pressing button "rape" or "submit" (like in Champs or Survival) and reading 1-2 pages of text with no options for you as a player is sooooo boring.

  7. Link still leads to 10-31.

  8. Never mind, link is fixed.