Thursday, December 22, 2011

Update 12/22

Woot. Happy Chrismahanakwanzika.

Major Updates
- A variety of changes to pregnancy progression. NO, YOU STILL CANNOT GIVE BIRTH (yet). However, as your pregnancy progresses, things will happen. For example, you will find that exercise is not possible as your belly grows bigger. However, to make up for that, while pregnant, you will not gain weight as quickly. The only exercise option always available is yoga.

Minor Updates
- New Skill: Pregnancy/Parenting, along with some new books to increase it. This skill will not show up on the skill list unless it's relevant (you're pregnant or have a child). This skill will also have no direct bearing on the game, instead influencing certain things like endings.
- Get Dressed command should now apply gloves.
- Notes added to the Journalist and Services job folders to make it clear that they are not yet available.

Bug Fixes
- Clothing system retooled again. Should be working now.
- Fixed the cowgirl transformation so that it won't throw up errors.

- Pay attention to the descriptions. Someone reported that the building manager wasn't getting the player pregnant. The building manager always wears a condom during the Month of Sex option.

- I'm going to try to work on the game over the holidays, but I can't guarantee anything. There won't be any streams, regardless.
- I have to work next Tuesday (12/27), and will therefore not be streaming that day.
- Happy Holidays!


  1. The new Books seem bugged I'm afraid.

    "what to expect" is purchasable but doesnt come back to the apartment, it is readable in the shop though.
    The other two books do come back to the apartment, but dont go into the bookcase. They are also readable though

  2. The Strip command seems broken - the text feedback part works, but you don't take any clothes off. However, it does let you wear more clothes on top of your existing set, but then bugs out with "you can't take of clothes A without removing clothes B first/ you can't take off clothes B without removing clothes A first".

    This is with a fresh start game.

  3. I'm having an issue (New game) where all of my jewelry is removed anytime the game decides it needs to "strip" me.

  4. I don't know what's the problem, since a few versions, but...

    A few versions ago, once the ES nipple/clitoral ring(s) were equipped, they could never be un-equipped... This problem was solved, I think.

    Now, there's new problem(s) with this version...

    Once I equip one of those items : white cotton bra and panties, OR robe, OR slutty secretary outfit : they cannot be removed. Not during the first Sunday, at least, but even then... after sleeping, I get weird ''conflict messages'' :
    « You cannot remove the robe. You need to remove the slutty secretary outfit first.
    You cannot remove the white cotton bra and panties. You need to remove the slutty secretary outfit first. »

    (After the first night of sleep, after transformation)
    I can remove the slutty secretary outfit (after equipping, if I click on 'Get Dressed', from the closet), but I get this :
    « You are not wearing a secretary outfit. You take off the slutty secretary outfit. »

    I'm not wearing the robe anymore, but still can't equip anything that is ''bra and *something*'', I get this message :
    « You cannot wear the white cotton bra and panties. You will need to remove the robe first. »

    Also, if I equip the collar OR spiked collar (initially in the bottom drawer), and then remove them, they will go in the middle drawer (with the dildos and stuff).

    ...This ''kinda'' cripples any new game that I try to start, right from the beginning.

  5. "what to expect" is screwed up the other 2 aren't they do go in the bookshelf in my case

    and to confirm yes the strip command is broken

  6. the what to expect book seems to make the trip to the bookshelf some time after you bought it

  7. I was stuck at the Striper Job. Do you know a walkaround?
    I'd like to play. But like this, it is impossible. :(

  8. The one piece bathingsuit is bugged as well, even when i'm not wearing it, i can't take it off

  9. This game does not work for me. First off, "RAGS Suite" does NOT exist. The link to the link on this website is dead, and if you to go to the RAGS official website, you'll see the latest version is

    Tried Googling "RAGS Suite" - nothing showed up.

  10. Calm down ReMeDy, lol. RAGS DID exist, but apparently now it doesn't. I know this because I personally have the version that is listed in the sidebar, maybe they removed it or something.

    Anyway, I dunno' if this has been reported, but if you choose Maria, it doesn't give you the default Kim, it just lets you keep your name.

  11. maybe it is not that Remedy. Did you know that you also need the SQL server compact from microsoft or something that you only get from the .exe form (not the .msi form)of the setup or something in order to make it work. Also, is an older version.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I found out the RAGS forum is dead altogther, because I can't even access the main forum link on their website. I'm not sure how long it has been like that.

    I'll look around for the SQL thing, but I'm assuming my issue is I'm using the outdated RAGS version.

  14. k I downloaded SQL Server from this website:

    After the long 2.15GB 2 hour download, I install it, but frankly, I'm not sure what I should be installing.

    Are you sure I need this to run the game? If it was truly needed, wouldn't the author put that on the side of his blog along with the link to the RAGS Suite download link?

  15. Able to pile clothes one layer on top of another then not able to remove any of them (i.e. sweats>club clothes>robe>whatever, then it gives a cant remove robe because club clothes and cant remove club clothes because of robe)