Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update 12/20

What? Christmas? Why would that stop me?

Major Updates
- Sadly, none. Most of my time was spent on the stuff below.

Minor Updates
- New clothing: Maternity clothes. They are perfectly wearable, but the descriptions for them when you examine yourself are not working. That's because the descriptions will change as you become more pregnant over time, and I ran out of steam before I could implement that.
- New command: Stripper Job Locker -> Get Dressed For Work. This command will put on the clothes you wore last (or the waitress outfit, if you're still a waitress), and the shoes you wore more recently. If you are clothed when you use the command, you will automatically strip, too.

Bug Fixes
- Strip and Get Dressed have been fixed. There was a lot of shit to work on here. In addition to putting on and taking off clothes, it was important to make sure the command didn't take too long to run (which required three version changes, yay), then I had to make sure there was a way to add or remove any bonuses or penalties for shoes and jewelry, which took absolutely far too long. However, the good news is that the clothing system works, and should be working for every article of clothing, including the new stuff that I just added above.
- Fixed the beach.
- Breast pump is confirmed as working properly. Remember, just because your breasts are lactating doesn't mean there's enough milk in them to justify the use of the pump.


  1. Thanks for the fix.
    I'm new to your game but I think it's awesome.
    But I was wondering are you going to put more futanari in it and if so will there be more girls who are one and can you get pregnant from them.
    Sorry if I'm asking for to much.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. BUG: With the new Dress for work at the strip club.
    Issue: You don't seem to forget any of the shows you have ever worn and are unable to remove them once you are up to 3.(Pairs)

  3. Uh oh there's a new bug. Seems like the nursing bra is treated like a normal bra, and is throw away when you lose weight ( never tried the gain option though )

  4. ty for the beach fix. I know you do not want too many futanari people in the game but i wonder if you can build a relationship system with a futanari (other than the landlady) so that you can be their friend and then you could get scenes that are more interesting because of their dual-gender?

  5. I have to say. I still haven't played this update, but it adds most of the stuff I wanted (Dress for work/strip+get dressed).

    By the way, could you put a message or something for the last two jobs? I spent quite a bit of time trying to get them and restarting the game before figuring out that they aren't available. (Since the read folder option is available but not the take job).

    Keep up the good work.

  6. the 'sportsbra and boyshorts' are bugged. If you are stripped 'using the strip command' or 'going to the beach' as a few examples, you cannot remove them because you have to remove something else first and also if you go to the beach with the sportsbra and use a 2nd underwear to go the beach to fix the bug, the 2nd underwear cannot be removed if you gain or lose weight but you get to do everything else with wearing stuff. The 'get dressed' command also gets broken because it only causes you to wear the outer clothes instead of the underwear in the future once you encounter that bug. It really needs to be fixed.

  7. may be you can add a cheat like "remove all clothes" because I've a bug, the swimsuit is worn for the game and I can't remove it.

  8. Get Dressed command refuses to put on long latex gloves even though the Get Dressed for Exercise and strip commands takes them off

  9. Wicked sick update, more than I could have asked for. We're gonna /have/ to start paying you for this ****.

    Fanboi hat off, programmer hat on...

    May I ask, are you adding bonuses separately to the gear that have to be specified and removed in the RAGS code.
    Or rather, does RAGS not support these extra stats being tied directly into the item itself and therefore needs to be coded in separately as a variable you created?

  10. I think the building manager is shooting blanks. I had the fertility treatment and special tea w/ the month long sex deal.

  11. Inane updates. Could it be you're losing steam? Or that you don't really know where you want this game to go? Because in my experience, you first build the full game and then implement largely unnecessary features that allow players to do something they could already do but with less clicks. Like those 'dress-undress' commands of yours that you seem to fall back on every time you don't have anything to post under your 'New in this version' header.

  12. Last Anon, are you broken in the head? When you're doing something as a hobby then sometimes you just want to do what appeals or just tweak till it's perfect.

    Shut up.


  13. I got an error that says "RAGS can not process this command correctly. If you are the game author, please correct the error in this command:CT_PLAYER_SET_CUSTOM_PROPERTY" I have gotten this error twice when I have gone the cow girl transformation route. It seems to happen when I gain the Lactation trait and the cow udders\Nipple growth. It could just be one of those casing it but usually I get both at the same time so I can't test that. Also when I get the Lactation trait it doesn't show up in my traits screen, for either sexual or non, though that could be related to the error.