Saturday, December 10, 2011

Update 12/10 (More Bug Fixes)


Minor Update
- When you go to see the building manager the first time, you'll have the option of choosing which building manager you want. This is for testing purposes/extreme abuse only.

Bug Fixes
- Breast pump should be working.
- Date choices working, but don't expect them to actually do anything.


  1. So what are the "whore" style requirements? So I can help test if they are working.

  2. Hey just started a new game for the first time in a while. Decided to try not picking up the starting girls, just to see what would happen.

    Well, what happens is the order of the girls gets out of whack. I get 'results of round 1' after the second round, and then after going through all three girls, I've given the femme fatale again, but with no option to seduce.

  3. When going to the building manager for the first time no matter what choice I make I always get Jim. I chose random and Monica and still get Jim. Thanks, cool game. Keep up the good work. By the way 12 hour stream was crazy but in a good way. hahaha

  4. On previous version:
    at the start of May:

    - when I try to automatically dress for exercise it says I'm on period but no tampon is used
    - I vomit sometimes in the morning but pregnancy test says no and the doctor says I'm in good health
    - no access to gynecological exam anymore (had some but now it's not the case)
    - the doctor exam is free (cool doc !)
    - in Genevieve lines, when she's upset (before the slap her choice) you used a French word with an "é" that doesn't exist in French (sorry don't remember which one), the French word is very close but not with an "é"


  5. Well, I got the double cock morning scene, but my second cock doesn't show up anywhere... Not on Examine, not on Status...

    And when pregnant by the black dildo, while you can wear underwear normally, you still can't wear them using the Get Dressed commands. It shows that you are on period.

  6. How do you increase penis size as a futa?

  7. I think you just need to keep drinking the milk.

  8. But beware of the bad end.
    Found it the hard way...

  9. when I was working as a waitress during the erotic path, the friendly drink event always appears and that event does not let you advance in a job, so I always got stuck there. can you fix it?

  10. i chose monica as the landlady and it chose jim