Friday, December 9, 2011

Update 12/9

Bug fixes only.

Also, because of the way the RAGS engine works, you will need to start a new game in order to play with the new content. When new variables and items are added, they don't carry over to from old saves; the game literally cannot see them when you use an old save. Hopefully this is something that will be fixed in 2.3.0 (whenever that comes out).

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the stripper clothes to work like the rest of the clothes.
- When Genevieve gives you her phone number, it activates the Call Someone action on the phone if it isn't active already.

- Breast pump is not broken: you have to start a new game.
- If the Date Choices are not showing up properly when you call Genevieve, you need to start a new game.
- I'm planning to have 6 unique characters for the player to choose from. It will likely be 3 female and 3 male, but I might make it 4 and 2 just for giggles.
- "Friends with Benefits" will be an option, but don't be surprised if some characters fall in love with you and expect you to reciprocate. Everyone has their own idea of what sex means, after all.

More Notes
- Date choices for Genevieve don't work. I started working on them about four hours before the 12 hour stream ended and didn't end up implementing any of them. I'll be working on doing so for the next few streams.
- I am aware that the "night" choices are borked. They're not implemented anyway.
- Breast pump doesn't reset at the end of the day. I'll fix this and upload a new version tonight.
- Dildo panties need to be fixed a bit.


  1. I'm glad to see that you are fast on releasing bugfizzez

  2. Are dates implemented? Because with a new game, if I call genevieve at night there are options, but the don't do anything, and at day there are not options at all.

    Do I need to start over again?

  3. I started a new game. The breast pump stopped working after the first time I used it. It just says I don't need to use it now every day.

  4. I'm having that same problem, and I advanced the days several times just to see if the breast pump worked every other day or once a week.Dosent work after the first time

  5. do the date choices show up for anyone at all?
    during the day i dont get any at all, i call her and shes up for it but now choices show up, and in the evening i have several choices which are only displayed with numbers, even after starting a new game it wont change for me.

    well, first post after some time far one of my most wanted games at the moment, thanks a lot Anonymous Man :)

  6. If you go 4F 2M, I think at least on of the women should be a futa.

  7. sry but how do you increase penis sise?


  8. A possible Futa erm, romantic relationship. Would be rather welcome i suspect.

  9. A couple bugs:

    Still no potential dates, even with the new version posted.
    Removing the dildo panties using the strip command leaves them in your inventory (though it does remove them).

  10. I'm also seeing (with a completely new game) the afternoon phone call not even popping up a window, and the night activities showing the "night[(0)]"-esque options.

  11. i know you probaly already know but the dating system at this time is broken first i dident get any options when i called now the options make no sense and dont work. i'm sure you are already aware of it but i just wanted to make it clear

  12. Could you implement a system by which we can choose our building manager at the start of the game? Having to play for ~30 minutes every time when starting a new game before knowing which one you get is quite annoying...

  13. Genevieve date choices aren't showing up even with a new game.

  14. Curious, why not do 2 Fem, 2 Futa, 2 Male? Sub and dom type personality with random quirks.

  15. Please not 4/2... Some of us don't play lesbians very often.