Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update 1/3

First update of the year!

Major Updates
- New Event: random growth spurts. This was a request. Basically, to activate, you have to hit maximum height (6'10"), and then keep trying to get taller (use the growth serum). First two extra doses don't do anything. Third dose locks in your height (you cannot get shorter anymore. Ever.), and then the following doses do different things when you go for a walk or jogging with high arousal (90%, 75%, 50%). This includes a bad end that, as always, you can avoid.

Minor Updates
- Tampons now have to be used manually; there's a command on the box in the bathroom to do so. I'm seriously freaking hoping this stops the stupid period bugs. These bugs are going to kill me, I swear.

Bug Fixes
- Stripping at the strip club will now put your underwear into your locker, as it should.
- Getting dressed for work while already dressed (again, at the stripper locker) will properly remove your current clothes, rather than putting on all your clothes on top of each other.
- Giving birth should now only happen once, as opposed to once a day (whoops!).
- Getting dressed for work will now properly put on your shoes, as opposed to ALL of the available shoes. Note that this might result in oddities, like not wearing the right shoes. Let me know if this happens.

- If you are seeing problems in the opening sequence with the three girls, please let me know what commands you're using. I tried the sequence a dozen times in the stream and couldn't produce any errors.
- The RAGS Engine has been updates to, finally. Hopefully this will reduce bizarre bugs. Link for the engine is on the right, as always.


  1. I don't know if you've fixed it in the latest build, but as of the build just before this one, the Special Outfit you can get from Maria is unaffected by the "Strip" and I think the "Get Dressed" commands. At least the Mini/Microdress versions of it...

  2. Honestly, it's the debugging of software that's always the hardest (and oftentimes, the longest) part.

  3. The doctor's office doesn't seem to offer procedures anymore.

  4. I keep getting the multicock bad end with my futanari, despite only rarely using the bottle of milk. Usually only once a week, never less than three or four days apart. And this is before it's back to my character's "previous" size.

  5. As a note, there is an update to the .net framework so those using windows should probably check windows update to see if they can download it... that also may help decrease the bugs.

  6. Anonymous CeilingCatJanuary 4, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    I'm having some issues downloading this version. It keeps getting "interrupted" right before it finishes.

  7. Just as a suggestion, given the huge amount of difficulty you've been having with the "get dressed" command, would it be easier to simply replace it with user-set clothing profiles? IE have a "save current clothing" button, and have the get dressed command first remove ALL clothing items, then attempt to add any of the clothing listed in the chosen profile if it's available?

  8. Problem with secretary-job and pregnancy. When you can't wear normal clothes anymore, none of the maternity clothes are acceptable for work no more money

    And small problem with the "get dressed" command. After about 2 month it didn't took the underwear. Underwear had to applied by hand...could possibly be the machines fault, as the command took quiet a while to execute...

    PS: using the 12/27 version...

  9. I love the new growth spurts (and the bad end!) kudos to whoever requested that!
    Also "The doctor's office doesn't seem to offer procedures anymore." as someone else mentioned.

  10. Bugs aside, I really like the growth addition. Can you do it the other way, too? With shrinking and a permanent small size? That would rock!

  11. I need some slutty maternity clothes. Nobody's gonna pay maternity leave for hookers.

  12. The new growth scenario and ending was spectacular. Really appreciate the addition.
    Also, getting a very minor glitch where after applying the tampon once during a period I do not have to apply it again for the duration. Every day it simply says I do not need another. If this was not intentional, it may have been caused by me saving during the period? Period still ended when it was supposed to. Using the 01/03 build.

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