Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update 1/5

Insert not-at-all-witty comment here.

Major Updates
- Baby interactions. They are completely optional right now (in that they don't affect anything), and reference items that are not in the game yet (crib). Once the endings are added in, your decisions on interacting with your baby will affect the baby's ending.

Minor Updates
- The "random growth spurts" event has been tweaked slightly to increase your maximum natural height to 7' after the fifth or sixth event. This is permanent. Because platform shoes and boots can still increase your height, the new maximum for height is 7'6".
- The "Special Outfit" can now be used for the secretary job and the hooker job, as long as it is in an appropriate shape (max fem and min inhibition for hooker, med inhibition or higher for secretary).
- Appropriate clothes for the secretary job have been updated to include some maternity clothes (i.e. not the flirty or sexy maternity clothes), as well as the purple belted dress.
- During the Cow transformation, you will now have the option to touch either your breasts or your stomach at a certain point. Touching your breasts proceeds as normal. Touching your stomach results in an udder growing. This is purely cosmetic, currently, but will have effects on things such as clothing and milking (there's a small variation in milking already, but it's descriptive only).

Bug Fixes
- Futa growth will no longer result in bad end unless you really are overdosing in a single day.
- You can no longer get trapped in the Laboratory lobby during the 1st mission heist.
- The doctor's office offers special treatment options again.
- A weird bug that allowed you to put on underwear after putting on clothes has been fixed.
- The problem during the intro where the Femme Fatale could show up twice has been fixed.
- The special outfit should now be properly stripped off by the Strip command, and should be worn by the Get Dressed command.
- Maybe some others? I don't honestly remember.


  1. Question:

    Doesn't inhuman feet(cat,cow) have problems with shoes? shouldn't shoes with them not just disabled?...or something?

  2. Anon1: In this case why you can have both inhuman feet and Reformed Feet?

    Rainbows... no. No. NO! Just not MLP, please.

  3. Anon2: exactly....for me that does not make sense..bur maybe i'm just misinterpreting the descriptions of the inhuman feet..

  4. @people that have "problems" with the footwear you are cursed, makes that sense? Call it magic footwear if you feel better then and fine:), more important things to story, jobs or whaterver...

  5. I have an loop concering the udder. everyday the popup comes again...

  6. Where is the doctors office? Cant find it

  7. getting dressed at the job has the wrong order, it puts on the sweatsuit first then gets stuck with the bra

  8. you can put on the sweatsuit over the waitress uniform, both getting stuck, strip command resolves but gets a worn sweatsuit in the locker

  9. The inevitable futa bad end thing has been solved, but now I can't seem to grow past five inches, no matter what I do.

  10. Sorry to say that Tampons still don't work properly. After you use one the first time, you never need to use another.

  11. Ah quick question how do I activate the udder transformation?I never got the option to touch my stomach and I'm 100% cow lol

  12. if you choose "Maria" as your woman name and are named "Kim" you in fact retain your name...


  13. "The "random growth spurts" event has been tweaked slightly to increase your maximum natural height to 7' after the fifth or sixth event."

    This doesn't seem to happen, it just mention it along the way, but both the last growth spurth (the one where you have to choose between bad end or not) and you examine status inconsequentially reports you as being still 6'10".

    Also, can i mention how cool would be to have a growth spurt during sex? >.>

  14. @Kasadoll

    Same here. drinking milk always resulted in the event posting twice as well.

  15. Humm can't seem to trigger the talk action with Britany after our first encounter. Anyone know if this is a bug?

  16. i can't get the platform shoes and boots to show an height increase

  17. Don't know if intended, but after completing the lab quest Imlost 10 points inhibition.

    Broke in, danced around cameras, knock the guard out with the vomit light. took 3 items(bird,chemical,and strange) and left via the back door....then hab 88 inhibition.

    Arrived at home, had 78 inhibition.