Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update 2/28

So what did I get done over the weekend JUST for you people, because you're awesome? Fucking lots.

Major Updates
- There is a new (currently one-time) encounter available while swimming at the beach. This will be fleshed out over the coming weeks into...well, something interesting, I hope.
- Multi-breasts are now available. Visit the doctor's office. Be kinky or in love with boobs. Ask for a breast enhancement.
- New Styles: Socialite (you need to wear a lot of expensive stuff and get manis and pedis, and get your hair done), Librarian (think restrained), and Hot Librarian (as above, plus exhibitionist, big boobs and inappropriate heels).
- Sex Doll TF: a very low chance of occurring. Requires the inflatable dildo to malfunction (which is a 10% chance), and even then is only a 5% chance of occuring, as it will lock you into a game ending situation if it happens. But there's two different endings there for anyone that wants to give it a shot.
- New items: gold/diamond earrings and upper ear studs, gold eyebrow ring, which give a better non-natural charisma bonus than the silver versions but are more expensive, and the nipple chain, which increases Submissive and Masochist by 1 point each, once per day.

Minor Updates
- Style checks will no longer trigger if you haven't showered. If you want to get a style bonus, you need to look after yourself.
- Strength now has two different variations, muscular and lean. All exercise equipment should push you towards one or the other extreme (it should be pretty obvious), but in addition to strength decreasing over time, your strength variation will gradually shift towards neutral (which defaults to lean) over time as well. In other words, if you want to be super-buff, you have to work at it constantly.
- New testing item command: Set Computer Software To Buyable. This will allow you to rebuy computer programs if they disappeared when you imported an old save, and also give you enough money ($250) to buy the computer programs again.

Bug Fixes
- There was a problem with fitness training. Basically, the way the system should work is that if you have any fat to burn off and exercise, the game will burn that fat off. If you don't have any fat, it will increase fitness/strength. Unfortunately, the check was reversed, so it increased fitness, but did not burn off fat. It'll do that now. And it should be a lot easier to lose weight as a result.
- Knee high socks were somehow still being added to inventory when using Get Dressed to put on stockings. Fixed.
- There was a specific weight range (70-79) where the check wasn't working right, so you essentially skipped over a body shape description. Fixed.
- Other bugs that I'm sure I've fixed, but don't even remember. The hazards of doing things over a number of days and not keeping notes.

Download link here.


  1. the "on air" is still blinking

  2. Not seeing the new items (the new piercings)

  3. multibreasts dosent appear to be working either, you can get as far as the second itchyness and it wont progress any further

  4. I must be very (un)lucky because after one hour of costantly using the inflatable dildo I still couldn't get the doll TF event to trigger.

  5. Same here as what matthew said and Anonymous #4. I did notice, however, that with the inflatable dildo the last paragraph got repeated on a fairly regular basis.

  6. Yeah I haven't been able to find any of the new stuff either, with the exception of the testing item option

  7. Dildo works....odds are very low though. Got lucky on second try.

  8. what's the hot librarian requirements?