Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update 2/29 And Requested Features

There were a couple of bugs in the last version (2/28) that were preventing the new stuff from working properly. I fixed those.

I also updated the Import/Export command to (hopefully) import and export sex and normal traits. It honestly should have been doing that before, but I think there was a bit of a glitch with Futanari. It also looks like it wasn't adding to the Sexual Traits list. So I fixed that too.

Also, because I like you people and I know you don't like low probability stuff, for this update only, if the inflatable dildo malfunctions, you will be specifically asked if you want to initiate the sex doll bad end. If you do, say yes and you'll be locked into it as if you hit that 1% probability. Say no to go about your business and move along.

Finally, I updated the Requested Features page. Can you believe that I only got two requests in the last two weeks? Wow. Not that I'm complaining, it means I get a good opportunity to catch up on things I've had pending. As always, if you don't see your request on the page, please let me know so I can update it.

2/29 Download link here.


  1. i was wondering about it not working...
    still found a bug not 5 minutes in^^, you can actually use the cocoa butter without buying it.

  2. I was under the impression that importing old saves to new versions have been fixed a while back. Is this not the case?

    My save is from 2/21 and I'm using 2/29. I have still have the "call some one" option on the phone but the only option in the list is "no one." I can't talk to genevieve any more ether. The new jewelry from 2/28-2/29 are still not showing up in the jewelry store.

    Everything else seems to be working... so far.

    Also... I mentioned the revealing underwear in comments from a few days ago... but i may not have been clear. The message one gets from leaving the house with no underwear is absent when wearing revealing underwear... event though logically it seems like it would still be there. And I don't seem to get the arousal boost I would get from no underwear. Perhaps this is as intended but it seems counter-intuitive to me. It's a shame too... the clothing descriptions regarding revealing underwear are much sexier than no underwear.

    This, btw, is something i noticed in 2/21 so I'm certain its not caused by importing a save.

    1. oops... me again... I forgot... is the progression for "reflecting" at the church not finished?

      I finally got a different message after sleeping there lots... but i still get only the option to sleep or... er... i honestly don't even know what the other option is. lol... what can I say... I'm not the religious type.

      and while im here.... a few things I know are bugs (albeit low priority ones). You can stay in the church messing around with the nuns indefinitely. Even when the time reaches late night it doesn't make you leave. Also... if you manage to "corrupt" more than one nun in a single trip to the church there seems to be some risk of previously corrupted nuns regressing slightly. They still seem to know you have helped them with chores before... but they don't seem to remember confiding in you about their little problem... what advice you gave them... or what you might have done with them after they tell you they tried it. Just an fyi.

    2. grrr... so forgetful... to clarify... everything in the church is tested and confirmed in 2/21, before attempting to update to 2/29. Meh... come to think of it some of that might already be fixed.

  3. Hmm. I still don't seem to be able to get the multi-breast transformation to progress beyond the second degree if itchiness.

  4. I can't load a 2/21 save while using 2/29, it seems to revert the game to the 2/21 version eventhough the game asks me if I want to load the save in the current loaded game (2/29) what am I doing wrong? I don't want to be doomed to play in an old version forever =/

  5. Question am i the onlyone that's getting the issue of the callgirl folder not showing up in the options to pick a job?? :(

  6. Thank you so very much for the state function additions... makes it so much more fun to not have to half start over :)

  7. I guess I have only one retarded question...

    Is anyone ever gonna update the Cursed Wiki?
    I only ask 'cause I want to find out how to "convert" all six of the nuns in the church into sex fiends. XD