Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Next Next Update

So, come hell or high water, I'll be posting a new version tomorrow. I'm going to be unavailable most of the weekend, and therefore unable to work on the game as I normally would be on Saturday, and I don't want to leave things half finished.

But who cares about that BS?! We all know what's going to be in tomorrow's update, let's talk about the update after it!

This will be the "relationship" update. In addition to some stuff in regards to pregnancy (twin and triplet possibilities and some other stuff), my goal is to enhance the existing Genevieve relationship to the point that you can at least have sex with her, if that's your thing. So dating, inviting her over, maybe some cuddling/heavy making out on the couch? Absolutely. Naughty naked lesbian sex? Sure thing. Girl-on-futanari sex? I would be disappointed if you didn't expect that at this point.

That's the goal. But not the only goal. I mean, it's been pretty obvious for a while now that, while the Genevieve relationship has stalled for a while, I've always intended to have more than one person for you to romance. So the goal of the next update will be to (at least) introduce some of those people and allow you to interact with them a bit, and then subsequent updates will add on to their interactions.

Ever wanted to seduce a bi-curious Asian-American goth girl? How about a guy that's all about being chivalrous and nice, even if he's already involved with another girl? Maybe that local sports star sounds like a good idea? Those are the three I've got planned so far. Depending on how they go, I'll be adding 2 to 4 more as well.

In terms of relationships, Genevieve is pretty vanilla. You meet, you talk, you like, you love, etc. There's no unexpected curves (so far). But the other characters will have some...twists, let's say. That Asian-American goth girl? She's not a fan of big breasts. Why? Because despite the fact that she currently weights 100 pounds and is rail-thin, when she gains weight, her breasts tend to grow much faster than the rest of her, and she doesn't like it. And yes, you can "fatten her up", so to speak. But when she realizes what you're doing, will she let it continue, or will she run away faster than an out-of-control tornado?

That local sports star? He's a manly man. Muscular, tough, rugged. At least, until you realize that he has seriously repressed transsexual desires. Do you help him keep them repressed, or do you help him get in touch with his feminine side whether he wants to or not? Tell him to grow his hair longer, maybe slip him some female hormones (warning: morality alert!), keep him from going to the gym so his muscles fade to reveal girly curves. But when he realizes what you're doing, will you be able to convince him you're doing it because you love him, or will he run away, never to be seen again?

So hopefully some interesting stuff.


  1. Sounds Awesome.

  2. hey im with you can't wait to see the next next update will there be a misstress/slave relationship as well that will be cool keep up the good work

  3. So the main things to do in this game are:
    3)hobbies that can become work
    4)skill grinding
    5)daily life stuff


  4. @John

    Yeah. Pretty much.

  5. Sounds awesome can't wait to test the build. I just hope with all this new content the bugs don't get out of hand, even if they do I am sure AM will fix the most grievous bugs.

  6. ohgawdohgawdohgawd!

    Desperately wanting this, like, now. But, I can wait. I suppose. The relationship stuff has always intrigued me. So yeah. I wants it soon. pls. :D

  7. Very interesting stuff, last time I checked the wiki there was a lot of traits that either didn't get coded in yet, or didn't have effects... any eta on that stuff?

  8. Question

    Will existing npcs be expanded or get more options in this update? For example the possibility to talk to the npcs in the business and eroticism careers, or the nurse/nun/beach girls.

  9. Just curious: would girl-on-futanari run a risk of pregnancy?

    1. Based on Previous Commentary. (Not looking up link atm.) Yes. and It'll make Maria "very" unhappy with you. (By very I mean She'll HATE HATE HATE you.) Now how that'll affect life... We still don't know.

  10. I love the idea of the asian american goth girl. But I think she sounds perfect at her starting point and would never try to change her. Call me crazy, I am just not a fan of large breasts. I am much more into thin/sporty/fit girls. Large breasts tend to get in the way of that.

    Also my character tends to go with goth outfits too. So it should be a perfect match! Can we practice yoga and martial arts together? :D

  11. The whole turning a manly man into a girly man sounds amazing and is my dream. Men with long hair...ASDASDGFGH WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW AWESOME THAT MAN WOULD BE.

    1. Indeed. How would one guy say...Yes!Yes!Yes!