Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stream Time is Fun Time

But fun time is over.

So here's what I got done tonight.

1) Clothing system done. The game will now check to see if your underwear fits, and give you a big red error message if it doesn't, just so you don't miss it.
1a) The Exercise outfit doesn't actually work the way other outfits do. Instead of setting it to what you're wearing, it checks what you own (form-fitting clothes [NYI], sweatsuit, sports bra and panties), and asks which of them you would like to use when exercising. You can still put it on whenever you want, but see #3 for why you don't have to.
1b) The Extra Outfit 1 and Extra Outfit 2, after being set, can be named.

2) Morning routine (shower, makeup, vitamins) done.

3) Exercise routine changed: because of the way that the exercise outfit works, you no longer need to change into it to work out. Instead, you get a simple message that you "change into your exercise clothes" (or strip naked, if that's what you choose) before working out. Going out (jogging, gym, dojo) will still require you to set actual clothes, however (by this, I mean you can't set the exercise outfit to naked and go to the gym: you have to set either the sweatsuit or the form-fitting clothes as part of the exercise outfit).

4) Cashmere overcoat is now a toggle like the raincoat, instead of a wearable item. You cannot toggle them both to on: it will switch the other off.

5) Changed the "Choose your shoes" interface when leaving the apartment. Instead of asking you to choose something every time you leave, the top (default) option will be "Last Worn Shoes". So if you're happy with the shoes you had last time, just click OK to continue, and you'll wear those shoes.

6) Added a new "Half Time of Day Update" timer. The way this works is that, for certain actions (like, for now, exercising at home), it won't always take up a time block. Instead, it will only change to the next time block every other time the half time update is run. So if you work out on the yoga mat, that won't update the time. But if you work out on the yoga mat AND lift weights, that will use up a time block (2 halves = 1 time block).

7) When you leave the balcony, if you're sweaty from working out and don't have the slob trait, you'll automatically go to the bathroom, shower and reapply your makeup (if any).

So, yeah. I think that was a productive evening. Even if it did take 4 hours. One step closer to the next update!

Here's some traits that I came up with today. Not sure when they'll get into the game, but they will at some point.

Manly/Tomboy: You may be a woman, but that doesn't mean you have to act like one! Any femininity increases are halved.

Girly/Feminine: Well, now that you're a woman, you may as well act the role. And the fact that you like it? Bonus. Any femininity decreases are halved.

Shopaholic: You. Love. Shopping. A day at the mall is a day well spent. It's fun, relaxing, and you get new stuff when you get home! Of course, like any -aholic, failing to indulge yourself tends to have repercussions. Going to the mall reduces arousal by 10 once per day, but failing to go to the mall increases arousal by 5 at the end of the day.

Big Eater: You have a big appetite and a big stomach, and you love to satisfy both. Daily meals will not fill you up as much (Fullness -10), but sparse meals will not satisfy you at all, and act as though you haven't eaten anything.

Grazer: You don't like to eat too much, and find that your stomach and appetite are easily satisfied. Daily meals fill you up more (Fullness +10), but hearty meals will make you sick from overeating (health -2).

Fast Metabolism: Your body is much more efficient at using up fat reserves than other people, keeping you slim and svelte. You start each day with 1 less Fat point (to a minimum of zero), but failing to eat will affect you much more strongly than before (If Fullness < 5 at end of day, health -2, in addition to any other normal health loss).

Slow Metabolism: You find it difficult to work off fat, and it tends to stick around for the long haul as a result. You start each day with 1 more Fat point (except on Sparse and Nothing meal plans), but your reserves of fat mean you won't lose health from not eating anything, as long as you have some meat on your bones (If Fullness = 0 but Weight < 60, you will not lose health, but rather gain points to weight [become slimmer]).

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