Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strem Done

Stream is live. Working on date stuff.

Annoyingly, I can't concentrate tonight. Gonna have to put in a long Thursday to make up for it.


  1. AM, when intentionally getting yourself fired in order to switch careers I'm getting multiple Go To Work commands piling up, also the first day of work is almost always broken and I usually have to use Advance Time to skip through my first day and it is solved on the second.

    Still can't get Stripper to work for the first time when it isn't your original career.

  2. I have only recently discovered this game and must say it is rather fun. Though I have encountered a conundrum, I talk to Genevieve till she gives me her number. So I call her up and arrange to go on a hike. But I can't figure out how to go there and meet her. I looked all over and tried the usual choices and nothing. So is this a glitch and the option not showing up, or am I merely missing something?

    1. That's as far as Genevieve's content goes so far. The actual dates are what I'm trying (and sort of failing) to complete for the next update.

  3. AM, do you think you could just turn off the "Ha, you don't need this. You aren't pregnant." dealie with the maternity clothing? I know you put a lot of work into all the clothing descriptions, and reading all of them is one of my favorite parts of the game (you won't believe how long I spent manipulating Femininity and Inhibition in order to see every Unique Outfit combination) but it seems like it takes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to get pregnant enough to wear the pregnancy clothing.

    I mean the point of maternity clothes is that you CAN wear them once you start to show, they don't preclude wearing them before that point.

  4. I run into kinda of killer bug. Right after Maria asks you to steal the artifact game gets stuck. I agreed to play the thief and after shower and makeup I'm in the bedroom but there isn't anywhere to go. You can clean the house and get dressed but you can't get out of the bedroom. I had maid client for the same day (early afternoon appointment) so maybe it's the problem

  5. Ignore that previous post. It seems that I just didn't realize that there was a paper that you have to read. Maybe it's time to go to bed...