Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Silent Running

It's been a few days since I posted, huh?

Not too many actual game updates to speak of. I tweaked the Strip command to no longer hang the game, which should resolve a lot of problems that are completely unrelated, like underwear getting stuck when you return from the beach, along with some stuff that no one but me cares about (trust me on this one, it's boring).

Progress on dating has been slow, simply because there's a shitload of dating options, and covering them all is brain-breaking. I don't like it. I'm going to actually cut out some of the date options (like the museum, which I've already cut out) so that I can keep my sanity while still offering some variety in the number of activities available.

I'm also starting to think that I might have been a little ambitious with the goals for this update, so I'm going to actually drop the Traits update and push that to the next update. I might end up pushing some of pregnancy stuff too, but for now that's still on the table, and if I do end up pushing it, I'm going to be pretty goddamn annoyed.

In other news, I've developed a couple of additional, relatively minor things for implementation at a later date. First of all, the Suspicion system is going to be removed, so you can transform yourself in the succubus/robot/catgirl/cowgirl/dragon/doggirl of your dreams and not have to worry about getting hauled off by the guys in white coats anymore (with an in-game justification, even). However, it will be replaced with a new Guilt system, where your illegal actions will slowly increase a scale of guilt, which runs from 0-100. Once you get above 50, you run into an increasing chance of getting arrested every time you break the law. Should you get arrested, you'll have to either pay a fine or serve time in jail, or, if you've been arrested a lot, you'll have to spend time in jail with no option for a fine (and 30 days, at that). It will be possible to run from the police to avoid arrest, with the caveat that you'll have to serve an extra day in jail if you're caught anyway, and the chance of losing your shoes if they're not really appropriate for running. Guilt will decrease slowly over time (1 point per day), but each infraction, with the exception of public drunkeness, will add at least 2 points to guilt each time. Also, one of the infractions is public indecency, so all of your desires of walking out in public with the fishnet mini dress and nothing else on can finally come true. Should you get sent to jail, you can attempt to escape, but if you're successful, the police will still be on the lookout for you. Basically, if you plan to break the law a lot, work on being fit so you can run away faster, or be prepared to spend a lot of time in the slammer.

And what implementation of lawlessness would be complete without the ability to steal stuff? So shoplifting will get implemented at some point in the future. Of course, before you start thinking that you'll be able to lift that $300 pantsuit, you should know two things. 1) Clothes will be the most difficult thing to steal (you can't steal furniture), 2) if you shoplift and fail, you'll be banned from the mall for a week. Doesn't sound like that big a deal? Well, hope you stocked up on condoms and tampons, then...

And the third thing I've been working on is an implementation for the Body Crafting spell. The original idea for the spell was to only make it work on people you were able to invite to your apartment, but man, talk about boring, right? So if there's no one in your apartment, or if you choose to hold the spell in reserve, then you can do that. However, it'll take 3 mana per action to maintain the spell. If you run out of mana, then the spell goes off to the nearest target: you. But anyway, assuming you can find your intended target before you run out of mana, then you can use it on them and see the effects. Some effects will be temporary, and some will be permanent, and I'm not saying which. You can't use it on relationship NPCs, though: they do have to be in your apartment to be affected by it.

So that's what I've been planning when I'm not killing myself working on dating.

Also, I'll be streaming tonight. Not sure when, probably between 7:30 and 8pm EDT.


  1. don't push your self
    on the dating you can always just add more events later on down the road
    and as for the goals if you pass on a some of them i doubt any 1 would really mind
    any ways keep up the good work i look forward to next realease

  2. Are you going to add changing lips, hips, and butt with the other alteration spells?

    1. Yes. The spells were added before those particular options, so when I update magic I'll update those options as well.

  3. Is it wrong that the first thing that popped into my mind when you talked about breaking the law was:

    "*Pay a fine.
    *Go to jail.
    *Resist arrest."

    Thank you, Morrowind.

  4. Are there yet something as doggirl?

  5. I'm excited that you're finally working on magic again.

  6. How about an option to bribe the police with sex rather than paying a fine or going to jail?

    Of course success could depend on level of guilt and charisma rather than being automatic.

    1. Not when you're getting arrested.

      ...once you're in jail, however...