Saturday, April 14, 2012


Ever have one of those days where you realize that you should have done something and you just completely blanked on it?

I just checked my email (it's a separate account than my normal email) to discover that I haven't checked anything since March 10th.


I'll be replying to emails today, so if you get something from me and you're all "But I asked that six weeks ago!", well, now you know why. Sorry for the delays in getting emails out, I am trying to be better about this stuff but sometimes I just get wrapped up in other things.


  1. nothing starts the day off welll than a pile of month old mail, have fun!
    Jack Archer

  2. That explains a Lot. *poke*

  3. Hey I just noticed that the next update is on my birthday! -0- <lololololololololol

  4. Oi AM, just had a thought while playing through the intro again.

    Right now when answering questions about the girls you almost always get stuck with an answer that doesn't really mesh with the others. You get punished for picking hair twice, or for picking breasts three times, the only other option is outfit, but I don't tend to like the three outfits you can get and prefer the secretary one.

    How about adding a Personality option?
    Blonde can up your femininity
    Redhead can knock some points off Inhibition
    Femme Fatale can give you a bit on the Confidence slider, or maybe points towards Dominant?

    2nd and 3rd time picking Personality would come with some kind of consequence, but I don't know what you would want to do there.

    Having more options in the early part of the game that most people go through makes for a more interesting start.

  5. oi im a natural red head !!!!! and have loads on inhabition !!!!!!

  6. Not to be rude, but I'd suggest you don't have Loads on spelling. XD

  7. I got over 6,200 emails in my inbox that I have yet to check and it's growing...

    how many did u get? lol

    too lazy to check mine since I know most of them are spam/scam emails.


    PS: if your GPU dies again apperntly companys think a paper bag is a susitute for a anti-static bag, didn't know this and thought I would pass it along. =P

  8. Have people who prefer the new shoe system actually played the game? If clicks are an issue, why would we want to double the clicks it takes to go out the door?

    And for the furry thing, you could combine both of those options into one.

  9. It looks like the new clothing system--which is _much_ faster, gratz--reset the shoes owned. I lost everything in the Shoe Rack except the Sneakers (Medium Heels, Tall Heels, Ballerina Heels), and the Ballerina Heels did not reset to the Mall so I can't get them again.

    Course, knowing me, I probably overlooked something again.

  10. Bisexuality is a bit hard to maintain in-game. Maybe add a perk to lock it in after sleeping with a certain number of males and females?

  11. Where is the best place to comment on typos and bugs?

    1. Best place is right here on the blog. Alternate place would be to use the email on the right.