Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Time to add the robot upgrades. This'll be fun with a capital "F" & "U".

EDIT: Robot Upgrades is easy! Or rather, kind of are. I should be able to finish them on Thursday, and then they'll be done and another 100% will be added to the list.


  1. What kind of upgrades? Hardware, software or both?

  2. Unrelated to this post itself, but what are you planning on working on after TFs? Back to relationship stuff?

    1. Main story stuff (Britney mission, specifically).

  3. Nice. I've been waiting for robot and wings before getting a new version (because RAGS...)

    Glad it was so easy for you. Hope the rest are too.

  4. Hey Anonymous Man,

    I think it's really cool that you took the time to make so many transformations, and make them so unique. But I was wondering, are you planning to flesh out the more realistic aspects of the game? Jobs, normal encounters, more clothes, etc.

    I mean, what I really like about this game, and what makes it really stand out compared to CoC, Nimin and FS is how much this game reflects real life. It's not fantasy swords and shields. It's your day job, going to the mall, tampons, etc.

    The transformations, it seems to me, are converging your game towards every other game within this genre, as opposed to differentiating it. Now I'm not saying, "What you're doing right now is wrong!" It's not! I was just wondering if you had any plans to continue fleshing out the realistic side of your game. What I really like about your game is, it's really, really easy to suspend my disbelief (compared to the other games), which makes it far less silly, and a far more exciting experience. =)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment! Cheers!

    For example, could we add even more events to being a stripper? Could we add more encounters in the streets.

    1. Problem is who is going to write those events?

      Unlike CoC AM does not have a pool of writers chipping in.

    2. Completely agree with acac, very well put. In my opinion what stood out about this game was the more realistic aspects of dealing with the original transformation and the choices made in that situation. Like acac and probably others, I'd also like to see the original premise, work situations, bar interactions, new locations, and more choices for the player during interactions (normal and adult) with the characters in the game get some additions. Thanks for an enjoyable game!

    3. You know, while the point has merit, I feel the need to defend myself: Transformations were, from the beginning of planning, intended to be in this game.

      So, honestly, while I read every comment that I get, and while I can understand where people are coming from in the "work on the story" shit, in the end, I'm not doing anything that deviates from the original premise, no matter what anyone says.

      And as I've stated many, many, many times, the next update will be entirely story-focused.

    4. Never having built one of these games before, I'm guessing that plowing forward with storyline development winds up turning into a big "going back and rewriting a bunch of code/story" hassle if you add or change transformation-related aspects of the character later on down the road.

      It seems that for putting the whole thing together, it would be easier to get all of your planned TF stuff in place (at least to the extent that you can), and *then* push the story forward, and that seems to be exactly what you're doing.

      I think that developing the game in this way is a wise decision (if my assumptions about how this whole gamebuilding thing are right), and *personally*, I'm happy to wait until stuff is nailed down if it makes for a better game and a more efficient developing process. My wife's a novelist, and I know what a pain in the ass it is for her to go back and change even the most basic things about a character, because it just turns into having to make much bigger changes the further into the story you go. So you've got my sympathies, man.

  5. If we wrote events, how would we submit them? Are there any standards or anything for how events should be written?

    (I do not know if I would be a good writer, for events, but I could try playing through to get the stripper jobs and see if anything there suggests story possibilities?)