Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stream Time

Note to self: do not decide to organize your music. It takes forever.

Today, I want to finish the Robot Upgrades system, which, now that I know what I'm doing, shouldn't actually take that long.

Today I did not finish the Robot Upgrades system, but I did get way more than halfway through it. So I should be able to finish it in the very near future, possibly this weekend if I find the time.

I do have a bit of a quandary, though, in that there are two upgrade locations with only two special upgrades, the lower torso, and the head. The way the system works, you can have two special upgrades active at any time, so only having two upgrades for those locations makes things a bit...odd, since you don't have to make choices. So if anyone has an idea for upgrades that could go in those locations, let me know in the stream.

And before anyone suggests it, no, no artificial wombs for robots. They cannot have children, period (PUN!).

Got that all sorted out.


  1. This game just keeps getting more uninteresting, the further it diverges from its original premise.

    1. if your looking for a non-transformation game which is similar to cursed gameplay wise try its not a popular game because not many people know about it yet but the game is doing well.

      also you music collection is great, could you give me a link to the place where you bought the final fantasy soundtrack please i've been searching on amazon i think you said and i didn't have much luck finding it :)

    2. A new RAGS developer, interesting. Will give it a look.

    3. I want to reiterate this point. However, the original premise is quite interesting, so I think Cursed has the chance the go back to it's roots.

    4. I agree; I'm glad to see it returning to transformations. Though even better than seeing this return to its focus on transformations instead of trying to turn it into a dating sim would be to either see the plot push forward or to see Trials finally finished.

  2. Wait, wait wait. Upgrades? Like hand mixers or jetpacks?

  3. Kryton is always partial to a mechenoid with its Hoover attachment!