Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Completely Exhausted...

...but gonna try to code anyway. I want to finish at least the informant tonight, and then all I have to do is the individual girl actions, which will involve a lot of cutting and pasting and modification.

Edit: considering I almost fell asleep at my computer a couple of times, I think I'm just gonna go to bed or something. More tomorrow.


  1. Hey man, no problem, don't push yourself that hard. You do quality work, so take your time, if you get sick or something it's only gonna make it harder for you. Also it's amazing your perseverance, thanks for making such a nice game for free and trying to publish it soon for us :) .

  2. Sleep? You want to SLEEP!? NO, Anonymous Man! You must work and toil and suffer without rest! You must code and compile and debug and code some more! You must be the superhuman and infallible deity of Rags game development that we believe you to be! You must not defy our unrealistic expectations! You must continue and succeed at any cost!

    For we are demanding and unruly! RARGH! D:<

    he is only human

  4. Rule: Sleep is for the weak.

    Corollary: Sleep deprivation will eventually weaken the strongest of us.

  5. Isn't lack of sleep a recipe for bug(aster?)?

    therefore I command you to sleep!