Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Night Streaming

So...looking over the code for Futa Balls and the Busker side job, I couldn't find anything missing. So they're done until a playthrough that I'm not going to do turns up the multitude of errors that are sure to be included in the content.

With those done, the only thing left is...nuns!

Stream is up, trying to hit that planned release date of the end of the month.


  1. Are you working on the High Succubus Transformation?

  2. This is probably something you've already fixed, but the Unique Traits menu doesn't show when you go full Dragon TF. :/ You still get the effects (such as the random growth or hoard of jewlery) but you don't know about them unless you look 'em up on the Wiki. :/

    Another minor note that's probably already been done is you might've missed a few 'else' statements with the Cowgirl 'Moo' thing (which draws out the Player's Ms). I say this since in most of the dates with Gene and a few conversations with Britney, many words that start with 'm' are missing their starting letter if the player isn't a fully fledged cowgirl.

  3. Anonymousman,hi!

    Soon we will see and play Dead Space 3 and talking about monsters... Are you going to implement some scenes with monsters? Lets say maybe some tentacle pet living under our heroine's bed and sometimes asking for "consensual relief"?

    I will try to donate this stuff if u r willing to do and if paypal willing to take my money $)

  4. Cool. I'm really in the mood to play cursed. This is the longest I've gone without playing a game.

    In planning out my character, I was wondering if it's possible to get fired from the secretary job and pick up the dancer job later. Seems like I could remember that was possible but I can't find anything on the wiki. Any help?

    1. Yes, although Maria will be disappointed with you.

    2. Does that have any effect on the game yet? I have read there are ways to change her opinion, but since she shows up so rarely it does not seem that means much.

  5. Will futa balls be optional?

  6. I would like to point out I lost all the right to wear any shoes i havent bought this day (i.e saved game closed, reopened and only shoes I can wear are sneakers and thigh highs which i bought that save) Not sure if bug or not...