Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Coding Extravaganza, Day 2

Yes, I'm back and time for more code yaaaaay. I want to actually get a good chunk done, and based on how far I get tonight, I'll have a much better idea of how much more time the rest will take.

(Also, that release date is kinda wrong because derp. I thought that the 7th would be a Saturday. So it should actually be the 9th)

I got exactly as much done tonight as I wanted to, which is actually kind of exciting. Makes me glad to know I can still do that. Still on track for a Saturday-ish release.


  1. your excuses for these delays are really ridiculious!
    Oh, my computer just exploded! Oh, i thought its saturday! Oh, i am ill!

    Other people finish a really good rags game in 3 month and you fumble around with your poor "content" updates.


    1. ...and yet, you follow my blog enough to comment within an hour of the post, spending time doing so that would obviously be spent doing something much more valuable to you.

      So, the question is, why do you care?

    2. People care because the premise is good.

      Stop being so offended about people caring AnonMan.

    3. Keep up the good work AM, can't wait to see how everything comes together.
      I can't believe some of the comments that people put up though.

    4. This post made me cringe. You can't just compare games to one another. Most games made on RAGS have a plot that can be finished within an alloted time period. Most don't go on for more than maybe 3 hours if even that of gameplay. This is an open-ended sandbox type game. Entirely different.

      Also you shouldn't feel entitled to constant updates to fit your schedule. We're honestly so spoiled nowadays that we feel that we DESERVE things when we don't. AM has a life to live outside of making this game. He's just another person that just happens to works on this game when time allows. It isn't his job.

      Also, saying sorry doesn't make your comment any less disrespectful. it doesn't magically make things better. If it did then we wouldn't have so many problems in the world, would we?

      Huge wall of text! It just really irked me when I read this.


    5. Tell you what, go make your own game in RAGs in the next three months and then post us a link and we'll rate it in comparison to this one.
      Also, to those who think he shouldn't be offended, if you did a bunch of work for free for people who then just bitch about deadlines rather than understand he is a person with a goddamned life outside of the service he provides us, I think you need to think a little more.

    6. I'm pretty sure that post was sarcasm.

    7. In my opinion, the problem with text games is that english is complicated, and making a coherent plot out of modules is deceptively complex.

      Here, for example, I am composing a few sentences, and they can stand alone. But if I were to try and write them so that they fit into a player controlled plot? Ok, that is doable. But every time I add something new I have a bigger body of text to think about and manage, and ... so, ok, personally? i have found that i can very easily get into "overambitious" mode where what i want to attempt is beyond my ability to follow through in a reasonable span of time.

      So, I admire Anonymous Man for an incredible amount of... i am not sure what to call it... focus? dedication? i have seen far too many promising games and plots that have been abandoned by people (for undoubtably good reasons).

      Anyways, I feel that it's far too easy to express negative emotions and far too few people are following through on good game concepts.

      So... anyways... in my opinion, sarcasm is cheap and trivial, stable design updates to programs that work well? deceptively difficult to make intelligent comments about.

      and the fun factor? omg, talk about ridiculously contradictory and complex - though, to be fair to people whining about AM's schedule there's a lot to be gained from incremental updates and user feedback (but those are not the only gains and all too often not even the most important gains).

  2. ah, the people who don't know what goes into a RAGS game.

    1. Blood, sweat & tears go in ! Shit comes out !

      Ah the magic of RAGS !

    2. You are right, real game makers hack the binary...

  3. Don't worry about these guys, man. Seriously, I know from experience that RAGS can be a pain in the ass to work with sometimes- especially if you've got as much content in the game as this. The system was never designed for games like Cursed, but we love you for making it. Good luck, man.

  4. Everyone with something negative to say? Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up right now. That is *EXACTLY* what killed the TSLRP and god dammit, I do not want to see a repeat.

  5. You can do a lot of things with RAGS so its very stupid to say that a "game" like Cursed was never designed for RAGS.

    Cursed isn't a very complex game. You have some variables and many clothes but thats it. The real work starts when you plot out a good story, quests and a goal. Repeatly using cigarettes to transform into a dragon can be coded in 30 minutes, really.

    And you can compare these games so that you realize what you can do with RAGS. Try out "Rough landing 1-2", "Bodywerks" or "Delacroix 1-2" and you understand that these authors know what they do.

    AM whines around in his blog about his homework, that he is a lazy guy and about streaming shit. And then fate strikes again and his computer melted down or his calendar mysteriously showed the wrong date.. these are feeble excuses. I get upset about those people because they search for excuses about their laziness.

    AM should just make a good workplan and then code his game. Or not.

    1. What makes you the king of RAGS?
      How is it this game so important to you that you take time out of your day just to come on his blog and trash talk him?

    2. To think that i am the king of RAGS is an evidence for that you don't know much about RAGS but thank you.

      I watch several game blogs it takes me only a few minutes to look into this blog. And just as i said i get upset how someone uses feeble excuses for laziness and to think that the rest of the world just believes it.

      It doesnt matter to me if there will be an update in 2 hours or 2 years. I wrote my opinion, thats it.
      If AM finishes his game, good. If not, there are many other, better games.

    3. I'm pretty sure that Cursed is the best Rags game i ever played. All the ones you named could be beaten in a short amount of time. Yeah, they are good. But they are short. I would rather have a long game, with a continuous caste than a part 1 and part 2.

      Tales of the drunken cowboy is good too. That game and Cursed are the best Rags games.

    4. I agree with 7:55 AM anonymous and am waiting for 7:42 AM anonymous to post examples of better work (because i absolutely would love to play them - but i am not going to hold my breath because i doubt i could hold it that long)

    5. You know, I was going to say something, defend myself and denigrate the haters...and then I realized I don't really care.

      You see, if the only thing you can come up with about my game is how much you hate it, or how lazy I am, or how bad I am at making stuff, or that the update has been too long in coming...then I don't really care about your opinion. Because the only thing you're accomplishing is wasting your time saying something I'm probably going to ignore anyway.

      And when the next update comes out, you're probably going to download it anyway. You complain about the work and yet still enjoy the results, and quite frankly, I don't know why you even bother with either.

      So, cheers. Enjoy the game. And feel free to continue bitching, as is your right. It's a free Internet. I'm going to keep making my game, despite you.

    6. What is this, maybe the 5th RIP comment within the past 2 days to a game that is obviously very much alive?

      People need to stop trolling, it gets old pretty fast.

    7. I really don't get those idiots that criticize and hate like they're on their period (honestly, much worse than that - no girlfriend of mine ever acted even remotely as bad, not even at that time of the month).

      AM is doing this in his spare time. It's a work of passion, obviously, or he would have long quit. Real life, the wife (or girlfriend/husband/boyfriend, in case of other game developers), chores, the job, school/college/university... They all come first. Period.

      I bet nobody who's bitching like that ever achieved anything of significance or critical acclaim in his/her life up until this point or they'd know better. And if I am mistaken and they still bitch, then they are just assholes.

      So, with that said, kudos for the hard work you're still putting into this, AM. For every idiot that speaks up and leaves a retarded comment like that, there are ten or a hundred more who never write anything but still really enjoy and appreciate what you do. Most of them are just too shy to admit that they enjoy erotica or they're too busy fapping. ^^

      Keep it up. Cheers.

    8. Wait smoking turns me into a dragon? Can I turn that off? Love the game, but could do without all the cat girls and goofy transformations. I'd love to see an option for no fantasy transformations be added. Like the first time you start to go down that route it gives you an option to become a skeptic or something. Maybe I'll donate and request this :D

      As you walk down the street you do a double take. You could have sworn you saw a girl with cat ears!

      I guess anything's possible...
      That's complete nonsense, there's no such thing..

    9. Not quite the way you're thinking (I want the ability to start an inhuman transformation to be linked to player choice, not random chance), but in a future update, inhuman TF choices will be locked out until you take specific and possibly non-obvious actions. So while they're easy to get now, in the future, they'll be harder.

  6. Looking forward to the update Anon. You've had some accidents and Real life has hit you hard, its good to see you keep coding and have time for some self irony. :)
    I look forward to saturday and play cursed again and see what you have instore for us then.
    Until then have a good time doing what you enjoy doing.

  7. This may or may not be pertinent and it is a big wall of text I thought I would share it.

    This was said some time ago but I still find the words relevant.


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    This concludes the rules I hope everyone can take something form it and that it will stop the bickering that has been happening. Thank you Anonymous Man for being one of the Nerds and having the compunction to stick it out.