Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coding Extravaganza, Day 3

Late start tonight, sorry. Kind of cold too.

I'm in the path of a massive blizzard, apparently. My office sent out an email today that everyone will be going home early (assuming they even open the office at all). Which means, hooray...MORE CODING!

Just means it's more likely that I'll be able to get the update released on time. Or maybe even early (no).

Edit: Livestream Procaster apparently decided to shit itself for no reason. So, I guess no stream tonight? But again, there will be code tomorrow. Lots, hopefully.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT A-MAN, CODE IT FREAKING HEAD OFF!, anyway take your time early or late, this next update is worth the wait!

  2. Apparently Livestream Procaster shat bricks that you were going for 3 days in a row! O_O

  3. u can do it and remember to stay warm

  4. This is way out of left field but...

    This has been bugging me for days:

    Whats the difference between a Succubus and a High Succubus? I am a fantasy geek but I have never heard of a High Succubus.

    Off Topic Hooray!

    1. If I remember correctly, they would have wings and magical abilities without the need for failing Maria's quest. of course I can be wrong and have you asked on the forums?

    2. Most of the high succubus stuff is relatively secret because I want there to be some surprises. But basically, a High Succubus is an "evolved" form of succubus, more powerful, but with other requirements as well.

  5. lol i get cold just from 65F weather
    id hate to be you right now with the blizzard coming make sure to stock pile on fire wood and lots lots lots of blankets ^_^