Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Slight Bug Fixing Tonight

I don't expect that I'll get them all resolved tonight, but I should hopefully get some of them done.

Expect the full bug-fix release on Saturday.

Edit: I did not get them all done, so things went exactly has predicted! But I did get a lot done...NOTE: NO NEW RELEASE YET.

1) Everyone is getting the "need to cum" message, not just futas. Seems to be tied to high arousal.
Not at all tied to high arousal, but rather because I set the conditional check to see if the player has just one cock, which is the default. Should be fixed how that it actually checks it the player is a proper futanari.

2) Training girls in the convent throws a "Can't set Variable with Variable" error.
As it turns out, you cannot set an array variable with the "Set Variable With Variable" command. Fixed.

3) Setting girl assignments in the brothel doesn't seem to accurately change their assignments.
Went through the logic here and didn't find a reason for this. I'll have to do some additional testing.

4) Brothel funds still not increasing.
I'm starting to think that this is working as intended, as I had no issues with this. If you get the message that there isn't enough money to bank (or whatever it is), then brothel funds won't increase.

5) The intro sequence might not be setting variables correctly.
Didn't get a chance to check this. I dislike delving into the intro stuff for various reasons.

6) Nuns don't seem to show up before being corrupted.
Somehow, the "Set Numeric Variable Randomly" got set to the wrong variable. Fixed.

7) Going to work at the strip club naked magically teleports your last worn outfit to the locker.
Haven't checked this yet, but I know why this is happening. Just have to logic my way out of this corner...

8) The "Wear Last Shoes" choice in the shoes section is missing (THIS one, I know why...).
I do indeed! Fixed.

9) The busker job option is non-obvious.
Haven't figured out a way to make it more obvious yet, but I'm thinking that mail slot might come in handy...

10) Futa balls still aren't growing. Or filling properly.
Still have to test this.

11) Strappy Heels may be vanishing if worn to the stripper job.
Haven't tested this yet.

12) It's possible to go to work at the convent every day, not just on work days.
People were apparently going to the convent through the church, which is not kosher! So I fixed it by removing the Go To Church command. Since you're corrupting the place anyway, getting your morality up by praying doesn't make much sense anyway.

13) Sleeping on the cot in jail doesn't reset time properly, which causes a problem because you're only released at Midday...
Just forgot to set the variable. Done.

14) Lydia isn't moving anymore.
Not actually a bug! I changed Lydia's behavior so that her movement checks would fire at regular intervals rather than on the player's action. So that, for example, if you go into a store after her, she won't immediately go out and make you miss the message. However, I set it to 30 seconds which, given the random chance of her moving, was making her take forever to do anything. Changed to 10 seconds, and when I get the chance to do it properly, I'm going to remove her check so that she does something every ten seconds no matter what.


  1. Well...hurry up and get this finished so we can find the next batch of hidden bugs

  2. Focus on new content instead of bug fixes !

    Robot nuns?

    Zombie sex?

    Xenomorph transformation?

    : )

    1. That's just about the stupidest post I've ever seen.

  3. Nah.. gotta em buggs or they might foul up the next batch of content, tho somethin will prob get brocken anyway(shit happens). I'd rathed he took his time and got it right and then when he's good and ready do new stuff.
    Happy hunting and good work m8 :)

  4. Wait, there is another way to enter the convent then from the church? How?

    1. Once it's corrupted you can use the "go to work" command to go there at work times.

      And thanks for the work on bug fixing AM ;)

  5. about bug 4. convent founds in my game is tied to what clientele you choose. first I had "anyone" and checked my founds. it was 0k. then I choose exlusive and checked founds it was 0.3k. female -0.1k, male 0.1k. however I could bribe the nuns when I had 0.3k founds. but it decreased all founds. exlusive was 0.1k. female -0.3k. male -0.1k and I assume everyone -0.2k. but I didn't check.

    another bug is that the first 2 "work" days you can't get home from the office.

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  7. The bug hunting is going smoothly. Thanks for the effort.

  8. Don't know if it's bugs or intentional:
    1) Shoes are no longer removed if unfit for reformed feet,
    2) After clicking "cancel" in shoes select menu twice, you go to selected place without shoes

    1. #2 is DEFINITELY something that needs fixing.

    2. I may be mistaken since it has been a long time since seeing any warning about it, but long ago it was said to be very bad to click 'cancel' during any of the input dialogs.

  9. on the topic of convent funds, i would daily get the message that $0.4k was added to my funds, and i would get some take home pay, but nothing else, and yet the funds never showed any increase, and i couldn't use any of my net gain

    1. yeah this is my experience as well

    2. Yeah, I would also get the same message, only to have the account remain at zero.

      Also, is the nuns getting pregnant working? I tried testing it in the last build but nothing happened. I am not sure if I just did not wait long enough or what.

    3. ... Can I ask how you get that message? Maybe I'm just a terrible manager, but no matter what I do the message is always "you get x amount of money (usually between 50 and 130 bucks) but after distributing between your cut and the girls, there isn't enough to add to the accounts." I've tried training, tried making them work hard, tried switching one to hostess, but nothing earns me enough to make it profitable beyond take-home pay

  10. is the busker job has any scene?

  11. Bug report...

    I restarted a new game and I accidentally went to the beach without getting dressed (my inhibitions are only are 80-90)... The game just mentioned that it is arousing to go out without a bra... When I got back from the beach, I was wearing bra and panties (and still nothing else)... The same happens whenever I go out anywhere without clothes on... I can go out with only bra and panties with no apparent penalties...

  12. Weird bug.

    New game, go through the intro, get feminised and choose a job. Then try to go to the mall and... nothing. I can go back into the house, or go anywhere else, but no mall.

    1. Not my experience, A-Man.

    2. The 2-9 release had that bug for about thirty minutes before AM uploaded a fixed 2-9 version.

  13. Daww, you got rid of the succubus tf debug command.