Thursday, April 25, 2013


You know what I totally forgot to do before I went to Florida for a vacation?

Mention that I was going to Florida for a vacation!

Left on Saturday, just got back. It was for my wife's birthday, so, you know, kind of important. Anyway, I'm moving on Saturday, then unpacking on Sunday, but I should have some free time on Monday, so hopefully there'll be time for a stream.

Sorry about that.


  1. Was wondering about the silence, but glad to know it was for a good cause. Hopefully, while sitting bored en route you had a few ideas. :P

  2. Aah well stuff happens people forget no worries, hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  3. A stream the day after unpacking? Hmm, well I don't know about that. If your family is anything like our family when it comes to moving... well, let's just say I've moved furniture around almost a dozen times and she *still* doesn't seem satisfied with the placements for them. Argh, what do you women want?! Do you all even know?

    1. Real women want their men to be confident first, then attractive second (physically, mentally, socially etc)

      My suggestion would be to stop pussyfooting around and place the furniture where a real man would have put them.

  4. Yo AM you suck!

  5. Hope you had fun and came back energized.

  6. Did I miss the stream, was it canceled, or is it just going to happen later this evening?