Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stream Time

I only have time for a couple of hours of coding, but that's still two hours more than I've been able to do for the last...what? Week? More? I don't have any concept of time at this point.

We'll see if I can find my notes and make any kind of progress here.

Edit: Well, it took half an hour to find my fucking notes (hate moving), but eventually I was able to get some work done. The bouncer at the beginning of the third trial is by far the most complicated character in it (except for the last two, but eh), so he's taking a while to get done.

...I miss the days when I could spend 4-6 hours working on games and not have to worry about shit.


  1. Not native speaker here!

    Man, you have good ideas and definitely has talent. You do have your own vision. But you continue to step on the same rake.

    1 Absence of project vision. Fenoxo focused on transformation and rpg elements in fantasy world. Worked steadily in that direction, and assembled a group of fans who have supported as a result of his work in the amount of $ 160,000.
    But you are constantly changing direction, initially your game had almost no magic, boy turned into a girl, everything else was almost like a reality. The main direction of your original work was simulation of real girl's life . Then you added the transformation and simulation of a brothel. This content does not fit into the basic concept complicates the rest of the scenes and requires addiional work. This creates the impression that there is no game progression. No new content for professions, no NPC relationship development and no progression for the main quest.

    2. No stability. When you asked for donations you always delayed your work with various excuses. It makes people to think twice before donating.

    3. Rags engine. Cause of your lack of contol under development of this engine, almost any new RAGS version ruins YOUR game. For YOUR game you need YOUR engine.

    I wrote all of this because I really like what you do and I want you to succeed. And, personally, I like your work more than COC.

    1. I like this guy. He speaks wisdom.

    2. This dude's talkin' sense, A-Man.

    3. Totaly true.

    4. Anon-man is going to reply with a vicious passive-aggressive tone stating that he "Never promised donators anything", "if you don't like it then go to fenoxo".

      He'll then round out the tantrum saying his life is really rough and hard, but now he has more time to dedicate to his various project (ever heard that before?).


    5. Man, why should I do anything at all, R.I.P guy? know what? I think I won't. Congratulations, you win. Hope you derive pleasure from the fact that, after months of being a passive-aggressive troll, you have now ruined everything for everyone else because you didn't like something, therefore no one else is allowed to.

      And good job hiding behind that anonymous tag.

    6. It's hard to say. I mean I agree the TF stuff was a big drain on development time without much to show for it, but it got A-man money, and it seems like regardless of that it's a thing that he wanted to do.

      And he made it pretty clear that the donations were just that, donations. I would be interested to see how a fenoxo style "pay money for development hours to be put into your choice from this list of things" turned out, (I'd certainly be willing to drop money into Genevieve or goth girl), but that's got a number of potential pitfalls and added pressure.

      As far as RAGS goes, chucking out an engine he's worked with for years to start from scratch with his own, I dunno that seems pretty crazy. Though if someone like Fen can do it perhaps its not as hard as I'm picturing. But also, keep in mind Fen has no job and no life and apparently near-infinite amounts of furaffinity money to draw on.

      Basically Art R all I really agree with is point 1. Transformation and the church stuff took the game down a strange path, the church brothel is at least decent gameplay but it exists mostly in it's own bubble, and that makes the rest of the game feel stagnant.

      Still, it is his game, and from the traffic the majority of the comments it's a pretty popular and well-liked one. I hope I didn't exacerbate any table-flipping from A-man and if I did I apologize, I enjoy Cursed and Trials quite a bit

    7. @Art: I agree completely with point 2, so I won't bother addressing that one. As for the other two:

      1) I agree with the concept of what you're saying. I've actually said it myself before. However, the game has always had magic and transformation as major themes. Before he made this blog, the main place he was talking about it was TFGamesSite, and if you've seen AnonymousMan's other games, you'll see that both are quite prevalent in his works. That being said, side quests have put a huge strain on the game, and do seem to have made it into little more than a sandbox game with little actual direction... There's still only one plot-relevant event after the start, if I'm not mistaken (the laboratory... The second one doesn't count until it's completed).

      3) Once again, I partially agree. RAGS is a horrible engine for anything beyond a small scope, and for some huge game like this, RAGS clearly displays its weaknesses... However, in order to switch to another engine, he would have to recode EVERYTHING from scratch. He'd essentially be back to square one, and it'd take months to get back to where he was even if he was working on it full time. It's essentially a lose-lose situation.

    8. I don't believe there is any "absence of vision". Cursed isn't a linear, plot-driven game. It's a sandbox type of game with a very loose plot that drives it. The game is primarily a 'life sim', for lack of a better term. All the side content (jobs, the nun brothel, relationships, etc.) are content added to keep it from being a life sim with enough variety to keep it interesting.

      Not every bit of content is going to appeal to everyone, but for each piece of content that doesn't appeal to one person, it's something that probably appeals to someone else. So that means that for a life sim to be interesting, it has to have a LOT of variable content. I think the variety of content is also something that Anonymous Man uses to keep his sanity.

      Personally, I'm fairly easy going about Cursed (and pretty much any other game that someone is developing for free on their own time as a hobby). If it gets updated with something I like, great. If it gets finished and has a lot of content I like, even better. If neither of these things happen, oh well, I'll find something else to do.

      For the record, I have worked with RAGS, and I've also programmed in actual programming languages. And I can say that for something as complex as Cursed, coding it is FUCKING HARD! And that's just for the basic elements of it (the timer to track events that are due on various days of the month, weight gain, jobs, skill gain and loss, relationships, etc.). Even if he avoided all of the side content, the game would still take a lot of time out of his day to work on. And for being able to put even THIS much of it together, he has my admiration.

    9. I don't think anyone is disputing the content itself. What most people seem to have a problem with is that things are being added half-finished and left behind to add something else. When you keep adding buggy and incomplete content to a game, it makes it feel disjointed and weak. Cursed is a great framework for all sorts of stuff, whether you want to work in an office and go on dates or run a crazy church-brothel. The problem is that if none of that stuff actually gets finished, no one is going to want to play it.

    10. I'm with the guy above me. AM, you have some great stuff in Cursed already and I know you have other great ideas in the pipeline. You just need to sit down and finish the individual sub-projects you've started. Then you can start adding new stuff again, and the game will really take off.

      For my part, as far as current content goes, I would most like:

      1. Moar Genevieve. Lesbian dating sim? Fuck to the yes.

      2. Transformations. This stuff is pretty close to being done anyway, right? Might as well top it off. Also, personal request, fox transformation. Vixens, man. I just like saying that word. Vixens.

      3. Flesh out the jobs and add more events, both random and job related.

      4. Nun brothel. Undeniably hot, but clearly a huge time-suck. Do this when you know you can really sit down and work it.

      5. This is the point where it starts to become viable (to me, anyway) to add new things. Again making sure to finish each one before adding another.

      I'm not trying to sound overly critical, because I absolutely love the idea of the game. A modern day world afflicted by magic opens the door to countless possibilities, and the life-simulator format makes them all achievable. You can do it, bro. I'm with you.

    11. I am ambivalent about the validity of some of these suggestions (and, yes, they are phrased in "criticism" terms, but their validity is "suggestions" since they seem to be really about future work). Ok, it's also hard to puzzle out the details of the suggestions, but I think some people are asking for linear gameplay. Possibly, also, they are asking for not so many curses?

      Actually, it is hard figuring out what some people are asking for (in part because they disguised their suggestions, pretending that they were objective statements about game bugs, or something like that).

      Or... that is my current impression...

  2. I think the problems started with the donations. People donated saying I went my character to be able to turn into a toaster oven, I want my character to be turned into a lollipop, I want to be able to turn into a turd. This adds tons of writing work. For every transformation you have to write that many scenes for every new event.

    Anon man should focus on fleshing out the nuts and bolts of the game. Jobs, Dating, your house, etc... I would be happier having new content that only has a scene for you as a non transformed girl or the most used transformations.

    That being said: I think people should thank Anon-man more for his work.

    Thanks Anon-man

    1. Yeah. This is still Anon-man's game. If anyone doesn't like any particular part of the game or prefer the game to head in another direction, then they should go make their own game.

      Donations are just a show of support, to show that you like the game and are willing to provide more than just oral support on the comment section. It's not like Anon-man is making the game pay to play.

      In the end I would just like to say thanks to Anon-man for making such a decent game.

  3. mrfle baugh zlk

    I just wanted to say that. I do not have anything intelligent, though, which I can contribute to this discussion.

  4. I am putting together a package RAGS games to upload in a pack on as a torrent and would like to include some of your titles.

    Before I did so, I thought I should ask for permission. Each title would be accompanied by a text file with the web address of where I got it, either here or the relevant thread on TFGS.

    If you do not wish your titles to be included in the pack, no action is required though an explicit denial would be nice. If you are OK with it, please respond here.

    Thank you!

  5. Funny how people here respond to A.a game that is free nothing is promised and its is hobby not A!!! job B. you people choose the brothel event there was a vote and 3. who the **** are you to tell him how to manage is game its a hobby its not is job and is gonna work on is game whenever however he likes and that's a fact. tyggbb

  6. All the downloads from Mediafire are corrupt for me... I've redownloaded 20 odd times...

    1. ok, what do you do with the file? Open it or save as?

    2. Save... as usual. I've done this time and time again, never had trouble until now... It's surprising... I wonder if my ISP is giving me shit.

  7. When I download from mediafire, I just click on the link - it seems to be some kind of javascript thing and I have to let it run before it accomplishes anything useful.