Monday, June 10, 2013

Let's Go!

More coding, it seems. And by "coding", I mean writing., remember the days when I used to get up and work early, and consistently? I miss those days.

Edit: And then I got a call about a job that may start as soon as tomorrow. Which means now I have to do all the things I haven't done since April. Sigh.


  1. I think a half hour a day could be good for planning and discovery work.

    I know that it's painful to actually develop code without some solid blocks of time, but exploration work and trials and such can sometimes be easier.

    It's sad, though, that RAGS is so inefficient and limiting. It's also sad that the alternatives do not have anything (guidelines, tutorials, scripts, whatever) that approaches the same "ease of use and deployment" that RAGS has.

    1. That is actually a good idea.

      And if I could port to a different engine at this point, I would.

    2. Have you considered Inform?

    3. If I understand properly, switching engines would require a complete rewrite of Cursed.

      But that's not all - quite a lot of the gameplay is designed with the RAGS UI in mind. So I think that changing engines would also require changing the way the game plays. So, even if the plot and characters remained the same, in some sense it would have to be a new game and it would require some new things to be built.

    4. I've been toying heavily with the idea of building a cross-platform extensible & modular engine for text gaming. There seems to be an almost desperate need for something both more robust and easier to develop with than RAGs and Inform-esque options.

      Unfortunately, I know me. And what I know about me says that I would get started on it, get part way through, and give up. Which is why I've not even taken time to sit down and piece out the logistics of such a project.

      Also, unfortunately, it would be little help for AM and Cursed. As the previous poster said.

  2. Wishing you all the best of luck regarding your employment!

  3. But the good news is you have a job that might start tomorrow. It's all about dah money honey! ;)

  4. When you come up with ideas, just write them down on paper or in notepad. create branches and label things that happen and then fill them in. Then, when you finally get to RAGS, you already have a good start. Sometimes you just have to go in and do it, though, but it's all built on the ideas you have here and there. Brick by brick.

    RAGS is really terrible though - it runs slow on any machine. The downside is that you need stronger programming skills to migrate to better things.

  5. Sooo... Did you get the job or not? Are you still planning on finishing this update in the near future or is everything on hold? Please tell us something ^_^!