Friday, June 7, 2013

Stream Later Tonight

I was going to stream now...but since I have to clean the apartment a bit, and do some homework, I could only work on Cursed for about an hour.

Then I realized, there's this whole time in the evening when I don't do anything productive. Maybe, just maybe, I should do something productive then. So that's what I'm gonna do!

Stream should start between 6 and 7pm EDT.

Edit: So I remembered why I don't normally stream at night: my wife is usually home and likes us to spend some time together.

STILL! Late though it may be, I'm all about the stream now.

Edit 2: I got some of the writing done, plus almost all of the setup, so that really all that's left is the writing. Of course, there's a lot of that.

I also fixed some more bugs, so hopefully when the next release goes out, things will be more properly playable.


  1. If you like Dragon Force you should give Blind Guardian a try.

  2. Way to go, dude. :) Nice to see you making progress again.

  3. It would be fun, I think, to talk of the specific design and issues and stuff? But I know nothing of rags, nor really of the structures and concepts for building interactive fiction...