Monday, November 11, 2013

Day off, Writing time

Sometimes you get the writing itch, sometimes you don't. I've got it for the first time in fucking months, so might as well exploit it. In front of everyone on the Internet. Feel free to tune in.


  1. There needs to have an option of what you are willing to do with a guy, instead of just the basic seduce/f***. Maybe actually allowing the option of what your character does to someone seduced?
    Maybe add in a few "options" regarding positions or "happy ending options" of finishing in/on/oral?

  2. That's great news :D

    I've got a question, which one is the last release of Curse? 0.4.0d or 9-20

    I want to recommend the game Sex Talk, that also uses Rags engine and it's about male to female transformation. It can be found in offbeatr, under game projects, although it already has a playable version available