Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fuck You RAGS

After working on stuff today, I went to save, then looked away, then thought the save was done and went to save again.

So of course the file and the backup file both ended up fucked.

It's not AS bad as all that, because it looks like the only things that I lost are the timers, which I didn't change too much anyway. The problem is, I don't really remember WHAT I changed exactly, so I have to fix it from an older save and do it from memory, which is frustrating as all hell.

And I just remembered that all the dreams that I wrote have just been lost. Fucking yay. I liked those, too...

Anyway, there is good news, such as it is. The Britney mission is almost done. I just have to do one more thing (which is the meatiest part, of course), but it hopefully shouldn't take too long. Rebuilding the stuff I lost, that might take a while. So despite my better efforts, I might not have the new dream stuff in the next build, but we'll burn that bridge when we cross it.

I'm hoping the new build will be out on or around December 25.


  1. No worries, it is just nice to see that you are still around and doing work. Waiting a couple more weeks wouldn't be terrible, afterall you are doing this for free.

  2. Sorry to hear about the foul up but Yay! Your back and things are moving along!

  3. any possible source control? can you check it into git or something? the rollbacks have been an ongoing issue, so I'm thinking you might want to look into possible rescues, assuming you're not already using them.

  4. Oh man, that sucks.

    But hey, on the bright side of things. You have a large community of people who will support you and appreciate the amount of hard work and effort you put into the game.

    After all, it's a question of quality, not quantity.

  5. This Christmas is going to be awesome! New update for Harem Collector the possible release of its Spin off, so yay.

  6. I'm a new fan of your work, and I think it's great. As far as backups and such may I make a suggestion. You've actually inspired me to start working on my own game, which is kind of like yours, but I digress. I started off with a game design document. Each character description, bit of dialogue, stage of transformation is written in there. When I am ready I create the character/object/room and copy and paste the information I have in my document into the game. I hope this helps for future issues you have.

  7. Glad to hear you are hanging in there man! RAGs can eat a dick though amirite?