Sunday, December 15, 2013

Status: Progress!

I got most of the timers rebuilt, at least the ones I could remember. Dreams are still not rebuilt (I switched it to a timer for cleanliness before the loss, which means they're gone entirely), but that's a lot of writing and I spent most of my day on mechanics.

I did put in a couple of updates to the drug dealer. First of all, all his drugs are now cheaper across the board, with the most expensive item now $200 (that would be the clear vial, more on that below). In addition, for most items, you can now buy more than one at a time. The only items limited to one at a time are the growth syringe (multiple injections could cause weird effects, hence, one at a time), the concentrate/shrinking drink (same deal), and the clear vial (for reasons that are detailed below). Everything else, you can carry at least 3, and at most 5, depending on the item. Some items cause inhuman transformations, which require a 10% threshold max per day to work properly (otherwise you might skip things), so any item that does cause an inhuman TF is limited to less than 5. Anything that doesn't, you can get 5 at a time.

Well, this is all good news, right? No, not quite. The drug dealer is now basically a start up: the more you invest, the more he carries. Every $150 you spend, he gets an additional item to sell, so you have to pay to play, so to speak. It's still not that big a deal if you have the money, and most of the inhuman TFs aren't available until day 60 anyway, so it should still be fine.

Some drugs have had their effects changed. The anti-aphrodesiac now reduces arousal by a flat rate (33 normally, 20 if addicted), the aphrodesiac likewise increases arousal by a flat rate (25 normally, 40 if addicted), and the clear vial, in addition to lowering all inhuman TF scores to 0, now reduces your arousal to 0 and prevents it from increasing for a full day (8 time periods).

I also changed around some minor things, nothing really worth mentioning.

EDIT: Wait, there IS something worth mentioning. The testing item has a cheat enabled to allow inhuman TFs from the beginning of the game, no unlocking items required. You know, in case you want that.


  1. Okay...I'm probably just missing something here, but I can't seem to find the download for the current updated version of the game. I tried all three of the links you have, but they all take me to an older version.

  2. i don't think he's released an update yet he's just letting us know that he's made some progress toward the next update. Last i heard the he plans on releaseing the update around christmas (dec 25)

  3. Ehm, Anon, when you say cheat enabled in the testing item, what do you mean exactly? I understand that it allows you to get the inhuman TFs but in what way?

    1. The testing item in the game is an inventory item that has several menus that let you mess around with various stats, transformations, flags, etc. I'm guessing that he added in a command to enable you to earn transformation points without getting the specific item from the lab after day 60.

      That said, I'm rooting for you AM, I love your game and your work. Don't forget to take some time to enjoy the holidays.

  4. Any chance you could let us buy multiple drugs for everything and just keep us from using more than one if it's bad for us? Not having to go back and forth to get more growth syringes sounds more convenient.