Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Version 0.4.1b (Coming Soon)

So, after semi-extensive testing, it turns out that RAGS was processing the command to give you the ability to call Britney just fine...but then not actually doing what it said it was. As in, the command to add the option to call Britney was running and executing perfectly, but then, for no reason at all, not doing anything.

As a result, I had to slightly tweak the way you get her phone number. Instead of just adding it to your phone (which would be the sane thing to do), you instead now get a piece of paper which, when you examine it, will add her number to your phone and destroy the piece of paper. It's a stupid goddamn requirement, but since it's not working any other way...

I also made it slightly easier to actually get Britney's phone number. Testing revealed that, even if you do everything perfectly, it still takes 28 days to get her phone number in the first place, which means you only have two days left to go to her apartment, which is hilariously not enough time in certain cases to finish the mission before Maria returns. So now you can get her phone number in 21 days. I may also alter things so that Britney goes to the bar twice a week (in which case, her phone number would be a little harder to get; balance!), but I'll look at that in a bit.

There are a few other bugs that I need to fix that aren't nearly as critical, but they should be relatively easy to fix in comparison, so there's no upload yet, but I'll let you know when the new version is ready. It will be later today.


  1. Forgive me for asking if it's a stupid/unreasonable question, but how feasible would be to export the code to another engine (such as DayDreamer)? Because after reading the various updates, it seems like RAGS has trouble handling the myriad of variables and other processes you've implemented in this game.
    Not to mention that with all these processes, the game file size and save file are going to increase exponentially as well, thus increasing the loading time.

  2. One minor bug I noticed, and I'm entirely certain I saw it, was that dancing at the strip club didn't improve your dancing skill, but your martial arts skill. Which I thought was a little weird, but it should be verified.

    Also, there is a bug in the cum milk, I'm not certain where it is, but I first noticed that purchasing multiple cum milks would show up in your purse, but after drinking one, the rest of them were hidden. That's been reported already.

    However, when I tried to grow balls with the additive, the first cum milk with additive from the dealer worked, but subsequent ones did nothing. They didn't expand balls, once the testicles were lost due to femininity, using it again (cum milk with additive) didn't do anything. And it didn't lengthen a cock either. Eventually I tried to OD on it, getting 5-6 in a day by calling the dealer and going to the mall, and nothing happened.

    Now this may be related to the multiple cum milks already in the purse which were not accessible. Maybe RAGS was trying to use one of those, and nothing was working right.

    But I thought I'd let you know.

    Happy New Year

  3. I hope one of the fixes in your list is the tailoring problem, and adding the "fix phone list" again if you have time. :P