Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Version 0.4.1b

More bug fixes.

- Britney's phone number is now on a piece of paper that you have to examine to activate the number on your telephone. It's been tested and works.
- Putting on clothes while wearing other clothes will now take off the clothes you were wearing before, hopefully preventing you from getting stuck wearing two outfits.
- The "Strip Everything" command should now remove everything except accessories like hats.
- The nun outfit should work properly now after being tailored.
- In fact, tailoring has been testing thoroughly. It works fine for one outfit (current), outfit groups and all outfits (the game should spit out a list of all the clothes tailored).
- I think I fixed the double m's problem.
- The bottle of milk/cum that you can buy from the drug dealer should work properly with multiples now.
- The dreamcatcher and bell with collar will stay invisible after day 60.
- You will no longer the femme fatale's business card if you're drunk and try the direct approach.
- In the secretary job, you should no longer use two condoms and have weird situations occur when letting your boss tie you up.

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  1. Cursed v0.4.1a 12-28 in Rags 2.4.16
    Training Marie+Jacqueline's sex skill does not raise it.
    Training Jacqueline in conviction returns the CT_VARIABLE_SET_WITH_VARIABLE error.
    Mind-Bending Drinks under Hospitality says "You've already done this upgrade" I have not.

  2. got britney no...go to her apartment...become friend she told to call her after 2 weeks...but when return home her number disappear and after 2 weeks nothing this a bug?

    1. Britney still seems buggy to me. I have to use the paper with the phone number in the apartment, if I use it anywhere else it doesn't work. Also, after the first trip to her house the number disappears from the phone.

  3. Got the v0.4.1b, still get the Tailor bug. Before breasts get size C Big, he tailors everything and a list pops out.. After a week or two when you reach size C Big breasts, tailor just stops working
    Tried changing breasts to size B Big with test item, the Tailor won't give out a list still, but you can wear the clothes again..

  4. Having issue that only getting current clothing tailored works. When I try the other two options I still get the response As you put on your clothes, you notice that it's a little tight around your chest. It still fits, but it's marginal. You may want to get it tailored.

    1. Same guy as above I missed getting it tailored when my outfit was tight so now I can't wear it and it was my work outfit so now I'm screwed and not in the good way.

  5. Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but using the Breast Bump still triggers the Cow transformation. I got black nails on April 17th in this version, but I thought the Transformations were blocked until Day 60.

    1. Now that you mentioned it, I turned myself into succubus before day 60.

  6. Tailor does not work , at all , also stuck with form fitting clothes in my inventory however I don't have to option to wear or remove them.

  7. I'm having some problems with starting a new job after getting fired from the first one; I can't start shifts at the new place and can't go home either, leaving me rather stuck.

  8. - Tailor doesn't work. Originally worked in my game then stopped. Might have something to do with transformations because it stopped working after I became a robot.
    - Two "Talk" options with Maria.
    - When you own books but buy a bookshelf AFTER owning several books, you can't put the old ones away.
    - The Security Guard for the lab mission is still hanging around the bar well after I completed the mission.
    - Either I have terrible luck or the drug dealer has stopped showing up completely. I have not seen him in an excessively long time.
    - When making upgrades as a robot, I made one to my arms and started a second one but it said I already had two upgrades and needed to remove one.