Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pretty Stupid

RAGS 3.0.60 is unbelievably broken, which I guess is okay since it's a beta?

But I was able to get 2.4.16 working, so I'll probably go back to that. It does mean that running the game will require .NET Framework again, which does restrict the operating system, but I'd rather have a working-but-less-accessible game than a game that's broken at the most basic levels.

I'll get started on that tomorrow.


  1. Hey when you succesfully got 2.4 working, can you fix the shrinking badend? pls!

  2. I like to mention that RAGS 3.0.60 requires .NET Framework 4.5 to run, but that also mean that Windows XP users will not able to play the game since .NET Framework 4.5 will not support on XP.