Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Work Time, Fun Time

Streaming on Picarto, and we're back to RAGS 2.4.16. At least it (probably) won't crash on me, even if it means I lost what little progress I'd made with 3.0.60.

In tangentially-related news, I've been thinking about possibly doing a Patreon thing? I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job, but I don't know that I want to do this all the time. For one, I probably don't have the work ethic for it. Post your thoughts in the comments below, I suppose? Just thinking out loud.

(Oh, and my microphone is muted today. I'm not alone in the house, and I always feel a little awkward talking to "myself" when people might be listening.)

Edit: Stream is over. New version ( below. This version requires RAGS 2.4.16, but it MAY work on 3.0. There's a new location to explore, though there's not a lot to do there just yet. Check the front door.

Also did some work on a new item, but it's not ready yet, so it's not accessible yet. For the most part, this is just a rollback to the previous engine version. Please report any bugs. -!FVZFEIpA!8bb4GbtALcngk56POExPqT0rdYn1c-akNmXve4yBVss
Mediafire -

Edit 2: I would like to note that doing a Patreon thing would not necessarily imply a more active work schedule.


  1. Hey there,

    Patreon funding always pops up in suggestions nowadays and despite all the controversy I do still think that it's an ok thing, as long as the content creator isn't an actual asshole.

    There already is a whole lot of people who use monthly payment and as the pledges rise they provide less and less content (or take a f-in vacation), which in my eyes isn't all that different from scamming people - you being aware that a full time commitment to the game might not be something that you want - using a per creation type of funding would be the right way, since when you're not doing anything you're not charging money either, so you're not being Scammer McFuck - I do honestly think that for someone who wants some freedom or treats the thing they gather the funds for as a side objective it's a perfectly reasonable choice. In short, IMNSHO, people wouldn't feel that they're being treated like piggybanks and you'd be able to earn a couple of bucks on the side when you feel like working on the game.

    So yeah, the random internet citizen has spoken his piece.

  2. If you want your work ethics to change so that you're more committed and regular, I think it could be a good thing. People could retract their support if you're not making substantial progress, and that'd be an incentive.

    On the other hand, if you value your freedom to work whenever you feel like it with months long breaks and are not quite sur yuo want to be committed to it, I agree with Random Bob.

    Good to see you out there at the moment ! I hope you won't suffer too many difficulties from your unemployement.

  3. You should most definitely do a Patreon thing. We get more content to an amazing game, and you get money. Everyone wins.

  4. I would totally support Cursed on Patreon if I could get a version that worked on Linux or Mac (i.e. if you can get RAGS3's web version working), or maybe even if not, since I know that's at best only partly up to you. I think you should do one even if you don't want to feel obligated, because you can always decide whether or not you feel like that month's output was a real month's output or not. Alternatively you could just leave that up to your patrons.

    The worst part about Patreon is the people who aren't clear on the difference between being a patron, which is about believing in a creator, and being a customer, which is about paying for a product. Honestly, even if you're a freakin' tank who is always working and demonstrating as much for the world through a Picarto stream, there will be know-nothings who call you a scammer or excoriate you for failing to make as much progress as they imagine you should. If you're at all sensitive to that sort of thing (and I think most creative people are!), then having a Patreon might be more unpleasant than it's worth.

    Which sucks for those of us who'd like to support, but assholes are always ruining things for people.