Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday Streaming (Has Happened)

Stream is over.

I fixed a couple more bugs (animal heat, primarily), then went back to working on Genevieve dating. Turns out 75% of the dating content by Thursday is at best optimistic, but I'll still put out a release on Thursday.

The biggest thing that I noticed while writing is that I didn't have a variable for Genevieve knowing that you're a futanari (i.e. have a penis). It's something I thought I had coded in, but turns out, no, I did not. Now, she'll react to it if it's the first time she's seen it or not while giving you an intimate shave, and also, if you're having sex. There's NOT and will not be a variation for if you've had sex before and now suddenly are a futanari, because that's a little too much work. Either she knows, or she doesn't. That's all.

What I'm hoping will be in place for Thursday is at the very least one date location, the mall. There's a lot of variations in dating (for example, if you go clothes shopping and see a dress you'd like Genevieve to try on, and then ask her to try it on, there's three variations depending on whether or not you're dominant, submissive, or neither), so this will take a while. However, the hope is that once everything is in place, adding other characters will be a bit easier: the variations are built into the function that runs when you go dating, rather than the separately for each character.

I suppose that's a lot of blah blah, but I want to make sure it's clear what's going to happen and how it will work.

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  1. Will you at some point down the road implement more jobs?