Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Stream (Is Done)

You know, I say I'm going to be working on Genevieve dating, and then spent FOUR HOURS working on variations of ONE particular activity.


Why is it taking so long? Because damn, man, there's a lot to account for. The variation that I was working on in particular is if you go clothes shopping with Genevieve. If your arousal is high enough and you're an exhibitionist, you can proposition her to have sex in one of the dressing/changing rooms. That's easy enough, right?

The variation comes in as follows. One path is as follows: If you're a futanari, and she did not know you're a futanari, and you have a particularly large dick, and you're pretty seriously involved with her. Another path: if you're a futanari, randomly she decides to give you a blow job. If your dick is big, if you have low morality, if you're dominant, and if you've got a lot of semen build up. Then if you don't have a lot of semen build up. Then if you're not dominant but do have a lot of semen build up. Then if you're not dominant and don't have a lot of semen build up. Whether or not she's in love with you can affect it.

And on and on. It's tiring.

So the release tomorrow will be most based on what I was able to get done today, maybe with another hour or so of work. Dating will not even be close to fully implemented, but it will be possible. know, only the one activity for now. This is a very big, very long term project, but I'm going to keep cracking away at it.

I also coded some stuff to determine Genevieve's fertility (she has a period just like you do), and some stuff to track her "development", like how skilled she is at fellatio/cunningulus, her desire (or lack thereof) to be pregnant, whether she's a sadist/masochist/dominant/submissive, stuff like that. It doesn't factor in too heavily to dating yet, but then, nothing really factors in to dating too heavily right now. It's, like, 2% done.


  1. I played around with Twine a bit, lately, started as a simple "do A, X happens, do B, Y" happens thing, but then of course "if at A2 X happened before we should go with X2, instead of Y2, if the player chose B before..." and so on. After a while it feels more like programming something than writing a story for the fun of it.

    So just expressing my Christmas sympathies. ^^

  2. I'm just so happy to see you work on Cursed again after the long hiatus, I don't care how much it will take. Do your good job ;)

  3. The level of writing involved here really seems daunting.

  4. There's really got to be a better way to handle all this logic. I am so impressed by your dedication to the engine, yet I feel so sorry that it's so coder-unfriendly to write.

    Aye that's the challenge in and of itself, since you're pretty much pushing RAGS to it's limit, but even so, I hope in the next update of the engine, the devs throw you some sort of bone to make all this coding slightly easier to manage.