Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Time (For Progress Reports)

It's Monday. I'm cold. I'm tired. I've got a headache. And my cat is ignoring me.

Par for the course, then. Let's get to work.

There weren't really a lot of bugs reported, so either I released a mostly bug-free build (HA!), or the bugs are deep, deep in the code mines. There are some issues with Charisma, but that's nothing new, and I don't want to spend literally a week fixing those at the moment. It'll happen, just not today.

Also, the blog layout kind of imploded over the weekend? My fancy-schmancy black background became an ugly white. I applied a new template because fuck actually doing HTML to fix it. So if the blog looks different today, that's why.

Oh! And I've decided that I'm going to change the way Patreon works next month. Individual goals will be changed around a bit, specifically to a kind of lottery system, so if you want to guarantee one of the goals, now's the time. And if you're wondering why the $100 is so high, just look at how long it's taken Genevieve to get dating.


The stream's over.

Today, I worked on Mike some more, part of the "friends" thing I mentioned last week. He can now be invited over via the phone (which necessitated creating a system for checking the front door if/when someone is there), and while his first full interaction isn't quite completed due to the number of possible variations, it does give hints as to what his deal is. For anyone that didn't watch the stream, if you've got a REALLY big dick as a futanari (second largest or largest size), and you're at least 75% aroused, you get to have fun with Mike's vagina. Oh, did I not mention that he has one?

So here's the details of what happened to Mike. Maria cursed him too, but basically said that he gets to be super manly or else. If he lets himself get off with his new feminine parts, he gets more feminine. And he can't resist anyone with a bigger penis than himself, which makes him super horny and desperate to get fucked. Finally, if he DOES find someone that has a bigger penis than him, that person will find it very difficult to keep themselves from fucking him (in the case of high arousal, it's pretty impossible).

So Mike spent his time getting as manly as possible, getting his dick as big as he can, so that he doesn't have to worry about that.

Mike's arc will basically allow you to use him as a fuck buddy if you want to keep him male, or you can turn him female. Obviously, if you understand the implications of the second possibility, it's an ethically immoral act, but will that matter to you? That's up to you.

Of course, you can always just tell him to buzz off, in which case he will.


  1. I've been playing version and I've been actively pursuing the Cow TF, but I can't get it to trigger. Are there requirements to go down that path before I suspect this is a bug? I don't have any other TF line going.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work on this game.

    1. You need to do three things, AFAIK:
      1. Purchase the cowbell
      2. Wait until day 60 or beyond (a couple weeks after you get the Lab mission)
      3. Use the milking machine, and drink you milk rather than flushing it.

      Assuming nothing has changed in recent versions, that should do the trick.

    2. Just wondering, where do you purchase the cowbell from?

    3. iirc you buy it from the Scrub Hut. All TFs are locked before day 60 but if you want you can use the Testing Item to unlock it.

      My current preferred method to getting Cow TF is spamming Growth Inducers into my arm. 6x shots a day for a week is enough to finish the TF before Maria even checks in on you.

    4. TY fellow Anonymous

  2. Random content idea, which I guess I'd have to "request" via the Patreon now but suggesting it here couldn't hurt: choosing the gender of the VP in the business job. The first time you run into the VP there could be a dialog box that lets you pick either a man or woman. It wouldn't change the course of the job, so you could still charm them for sex, get the Office Girl job, and they'll still ask you for sex. Something to add options or variety, but I also understand it's a lot of work since you'd have to write new scenes for all of that.

  3. The testing item no longer has Corrupt Nuns option, effectively disabling all of that content... or am i missing a change to where/how that works?